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  1. 1. Connect | Talk | Solve
  2. 2. INTERACTEASY ★ InteractEasy helps you have a voice & text based communication with yourWHAT visitors from your website ★ Install a light-weight 2KB widget on your website and we take care ofHOW everything else! ★ Do you like your visitors to aimlessly wander around your website?WHY ★ Don’t you want to talk to them and guide them? ★ Aren’t you the best advocate for your product than pretty font or nifty graphics?
  3. 3. SAMPLE USE CASE - INTERACTEASY ON VODAFONE WEBSITEI go to Vodafone website. And I see a Vodafone Blue Phone banner. I’m interested in knowing how it works.What are its features, how different is it from other mobiles?To speak to the Vodafone agent, I click on the Live Support tab Click on the widget to start talking
  4. 4. SAMPLE USE CASE - INTERACTEASY ON VODAFONE WEBSITEOnce the customer submits all the details, he is taken to a waiting lounge until an Agent initiates a chat with him Customer fills his details
  5. 5. SAMPLE USE CASE - INTERACTEASY ON VODAFONE WEBSITE Customer interacts with the agent using this interface. He can have Voice and Text based conversation along with presentation / image sharing
  6. 6. BUSINESS VALUE Visitor Interaction Voice ConversationUnderstand how the visitor has Talking to your customers:been interacting with your websitebefore talking to him • Increases loyalty of your brandSample:Visitor #136 was referred to your website by • Increases the turnaround timeVisitor #136 has been on your website for 20 minutes sofarVisitor #136 was last seen on /Pricing page • Conveys your thoughts fasterVisitor #136 has browsed the following pages: /home - 10 times /pricing - 2 times • Increases your customer’s trust /features - 3 times on youVisitor #136 is coming from BOM (IND) Analysis Pay per Use Pay as per you useGet in depth analysis on how yourcompany agents/representatives Installing InteractEasy requires veryuse the platform to interact with less setup effort, get started in avisitors minuteHelps you to calculate R.O.I Pay when you want to use it and stop paying when you do not
  7. 7. Connect | Talk | Solve