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Dr laura georg_digital_trends_11

  1. 1. Green IT Project for Green World Company Ltd. 05.12.2011We make ICT strategies work
  2. 2. Frame World Company Ltd.‘s Approach to Green ITGreen TemplateGreen World Company Ltd. wants to support its energy strategy by reducing coststhrough Green IT measures. Drivers for Green World Company Ltd. Organizational Layers Increase of Green IT maturity: Green IT is everything around energy efficiency and sustainability in the IT space. Energy Strategy Creation of transparency with regard to energy usage and CO2 emissions of the different components. Development of a conceptual framework, which Processes outlines short-term operational measures to realize energy-related quick-wins in the distributed IT Responsibilities Feedback Control infrastructure. Calculate the concrete CO2 reductions. Energy Saving Targets Awareness Campaign Derive a 3-5 year sustainability strategy that evaluates further possibilities, such as an extended scope of IT domains to ensure carbon neutrality and to strengthen Green World Company Ltd. employer brand. Technology Evaluation of additional possibilities, such as „Green Data Energy Efficiency Miles“, CO2 offsetting-schemes, energy management Collection Levers Measures on software level, expansion on other resorts of IT- infrastructure, or procurement policies. © Detecon –2–
  3. 3. Value Chain (3 Phases) Approach – Green Initiatives in Distributed IT Green World Company Ltd. wants to analyze energy usage & CO2-emissions related to the distributed IT infrastructure and develop measures to increase it’s green IT maturity. WP1 – Baseline Analysis WP2 – Short-term Approach WP3 – Long-term Approach Key Activities Project scope definition Evaluation of possible Green Evaluation of concepts for 3-5 IT solutions and carbon year Green IT measures Technology assessment offsetting schemes (inventory) Introduction of CO2 emissions Business case analysis to IT CAPEX Energy & CO2 audit IT-management workshop Development of a concept for Inventory of green IT climate change initiative initiatives already underway Prioritized short-list of Green IT measures Analysis according to the 4- Comparison to “best in class” worlds integral business examples Development of awareness modelCEPIS_GREEN IT OPTIMIZATION PROJECT EXAMPLE_20111115.PPTX concept Main Results Energy & CO2 baseline report Recommendations and concepts Rollout plan for broadened for Green IT quick-wins (1 year Green IT scope Green IT maturity status horizon) Concept for climate change initiative x Weeks x Weeks x Weeks Project Management & Quality Assurance © Detecon –3–
  4. 4. FramePackage 1 – Baseline Analysis Work Template A detailed IT inventory list is created on the basis of technical and non-technical data and the prerequisite for the energy and CO2 assessment. Scope Definition Energy & CO2 Assessment The initial project phase determines which components Distributed IT Domain will be in the focus of the IT infrastructure audit and which scope of CO2 emissions applies1. A detailed inventory list of the distributed IT must be created, which includes all technical and energy- VoIP Phones related data2, as well as demands and requirements of Desktops Laptops the specific employee user group. Lighting Customer ABC - Distributed IT Inventory List – Desktop PCs Computer Model Power TFT AS KW/H Printers Supply Optiplex 360 DT M618F and NEC 15 No 345 M619FCEPIS_GREEN IT OPTIMIZATION PROJECT EXAMPLE_20111115.PPTX Datacenter Domain Routers 740 DT All NEC 15 No 331 Switches 760 SFF RM112 and NEC 15 Yes 134 WU136 960 SFF RM112 and NEC 17 Yes 211 WU136 Mainframes The outcome of the inventory list is matched against Virtualized Servers state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions, in order to analyze the Green IT maturity of Green World Servers Company Ltd. © Detecon 1) Scope of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a specific reporting entity (Scope 1, 2, 3) 2) Dependent on availability of data –4–
  5. 5. Factors Work Package 2 – Short-term Approach A hand in hand strategy of efficiency & compensation measures will be defined for Green World Company Ltd. in order to increase it’s green maturity. Efficiency Measures Compensation Measures Technical Green energy procurement Hardware Avoidance of indirect emissions by buying green energy from power suppliers. Energy efficient hardware Active energy management through activation via time recording systems Offsetting produced emissions Software (e.g. power management, pay- Certificates: Using market-based Kyoto per-use models) protocol aligned mechanisms to cap world CO2 emissions. Direct investments in wind mills, water Organizational power, reforestation, etc. acc. to CDM3CEPIS_GREEN IT OPTIMIZATION PROJECT EXAMPLE_20111115.PPTX Set up lean provisioning / modular gold standard schemes and mechanisms. expansion of IT equipment Awareness Campaigns (behavior, processes) Introduction of penalties for electricity waste Definition of rules for sites, IT types or personnel © Detecon –5–
  6. 6. FramePackage 3 – Long-term Approach Work Template The long-term approach is based on a holistic Green IT scope and models to use IT as an enabler for Green Business to deliver holistic ICT efficiency excellence. Green in IT Green with IT Assessment of energy consumption and CO2-emissions in the entire ICT Concept for climate change initiatives infrastructure, such as servers, printers, routers, hubs, phones, … Linkage of measures to sustainable Guidelines for the introduction of carbon emissions into IT CAPEX development programs e.g. “Clinton Global Initiative“ Development of efficiency measures for Definition of CO2-reduction goals Data center (e.g. high ratios of virtual servers to physical) (e.g. 20% until 2020 based on 2012) Telecommunication (e.g. VOIP solutions) Evaluation of concepts for 3-5 year LAN Networks (e.g. energy-efficient routers and switches) Green IT measures Technology Radar Short-term Scope Long-term ScopeCEPIS_GREEN IT OPTIMIZATION PROJECT EXAMPLE_20111115.PPTX ICT Infrastructure ICT Infrastructure IT as the object to become Green IT as an enabler for Green Business © Detecon –6–
  7. 7. Frame World Company Ltd. Project Elements Green Template A holistic green IT policy framework for Green World Company Ltd. contains the following elements. Green IT Policy Framework Baselining CO2 Footprint The strategic target defines the quantified and timed target System type No. of Systems kWh / h (Power) Utilization Utilization of the Green IT Policy. Scenario 11) Scenario 21) (60% / Strategic Target (100%/100%) 100%) Windows 978 1,003 2,006 1,605 Level of Detail A principle details the mission statement in terms of a Linux 243 268 536 429 guideline for a dedicated domain of action. Unix 218 401 802 642 Principles Total 1,439 1,673 A target is a measurable objective, defined to implement a Targets principle. Total kWh / hr 3,345 2,676 Total kWh / year 29,304,828 23,443,512 Recommended Recommendations defining particular actions to execute on Actions the principles for each domain of action. Energy Mix 1 (635.42)) in CO2/t 18,620 14,896 (60% Fossil, 40% nuclear) Measures Energy Mix 2 (562.72)) in CO2/t 16,782 13,426 Measures are concrete activities, defined by target, time, (50% fossil, 25% nuclear, 25% renewable) owner and method of monitoring KPIs Cost-Benefit AnalysisCEPIS_GREEN IT OPTIMIZATION PROJECT EXAMPLE_20111115.PPTX Impact vs. Effort Portfolio High Impact Actions Inaccuracy Costs (Average across Business Units) (in scope for KPI reporting) Joint KPI Reporting We establish shared platforms for IT M (Sample-based) Monitoring B Benchmarking I Indirect measurements 3 services that are used by many 19 applications. Suitable for generic Suitable for extrapolating Suitable to obtain a general 5 3 high 7 We prefer virtualized infrastructure measurements (e.g. resource consumption of idea of the effects of a 5 over physical infrastructure for 21 application deployment. Monitoring overall energy multiple instances of the Green IT campaign 17 usage of data center same IT component Viable results only if used in 2 14 18 8 We choose energy-efficient products 7 Impact 1 medium equipment) conjunction with monitoring 11 when replacing office IT-Infrastructure. 27 4 24 10 12 9 Expensive if used to Not suitable to measure or benchmarking of other 26 20 25 22 measure individual behavior individual user behavior influence factors 6 15 13 16 17 We avoid unnecessary printing. 23 We use audio and video conferencing 19 systems for meetings instead of low Only metric to measure Not suitable to analyze High grade traveling to distant locations. individual behavior, can be individual user behavior of inaccuracy We have system management 21 platforms record utilization and power very cost-intensive high medium low consumption of IT components. Effort © Detecon –7–
  8. 8. Contact sheet Contact sheet Dr. Laura Georg Detecon (Schweiz) AG Head Security and Energy & Sustainability Management Löwenstrasse 1 8001 Zürich(Switzerland) Phone: + 41 43 888 65 50 Fax: +41 43 888 65 10 Mobile: + 41 79 484 94 10 e-Mail: Laura.Georg@detecon.comCEPIS_GREEN IT OPTIMIZATION PROJECT EXAMPLE_20111115.PPTX © Detecon –8–