Kotbe final Demo


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Demo Day Final presentation for kotbe project , Kotbe project is part of Stanford University class of Technology Entrepreneurship .

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Kotbe final Demo

  1. 1. Kotbe
  2. 2. ?What is KotbeKotbe is a book rental service for college students as our perspective customers. Helping students out by getting their textbooks at the least possible price is our target .
  3. 3. Fundamental ProblemThe problem student face with books :• Most of the book is expensive• Not available in the area• Copy right issueSo most of student have to make a copy printed or study from the slides not from the book .
  4. 4. ?What Kotbe do for them• Offer the book for student in low cost• Offer original books• Deliver the book that’s not available in some area• Save moneyAnd for some student :• Help them to rent their book if they don’t need it and save some space
  5. 5. Team• When we start we were about 12 member , we met throw Venter lab , but in the end the remain was three member , tow girls and a boy , We work in this project from the scratch till now , communicating throw Skype and Facebook , In the end of the first phase one of the team member decide to leave the team, so we still just two girls .• Hazwa & Asma , We both student and working at the same company , a venture capital company in the middle east called N2V.• Our mentor is our manger Mr.Ahmad Takatkah he is the head of investment in our company , after talking to him about our project he agreed to help us .
  6. 6. Product• WebsiteThe website is for the student to search and find the book they need , available all the time and have tow services:• If you have book you can list it in our site and offer them for rent• If you need a book you can search our site and order you book
  7. 7. Sale?Need a book ! Three easy step 1 Order your book online 2 We contact you Receive you book in front of your 3 door
  8. 8. Marketing• Online Marketing Presentation and video promotion Facebook page & Twitter Account Facebook Ads Website• Offline Marketing Printed flyer Competition and prize’s TV interview
  9. 9. Partners and Allies 1 Book Storrs to help us with the books 2 Delivery company to delivery the books 3 Volunteer student that will help us spared the word
  10. 10. Contact Us• Website : www.kotobe.com• Email : admin@kotobe.com kotbee KotbeCom