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Project brief

  1. 1. PROJECT BRIEF Module: Introduction to Construction Industry Project: 2, Part Ai Group: B Group Leader: Muhammad Haziq bin Hj Zariful Group Members: Muhd Syafiq bin Hj Zariful Mahi Abdul Muhusin Garnette Dayang Robert Nur Annisa binti Habib Kelvin Ng
  3. 3. 1.1PURPOSE The purpose of this project is for students to find amusement and outing with friends quick for them without the need to find taxis or buses to go to other places. The purpose of the food stalls are for students to find a place to rest from their outing and have a place to hang out and have fun. 1.2BACKGROUND Taylor’s University is full of facilities that would help students in many problems. Although, students still take their time going to Sunway Pyramid to reduce stress and have a fun time with their friends with the sole purpose of celebrating such as birthdays or finishing a hard assignment without the need to even shop. Some people were left out of the celebrating group as the celebration might end at a late time and they need to get back to their homes quickly. This project, which would be built in the campus would make a good way to prevent such things, as it would amuse students and have fun with their friends inside the campus, with facilities such as arcade games, skateboard ramps, paintball and laser tag games, a great way to enhance bonds between friends. Students can just take a quick 30 minutes in the area rather than spending hours in Sunway Pyramid, also needing to find taxis or wait for the bus. 1.3OBJECTIVES • Creating space to allow Taylor’s students to have fun and release stress • Another land mark for Taylor’s Lakeside • Attract people to come and study at Taylor’s Lakeside • Another development project for Taylor’s • To provide opportunity of business • Enhance rate of investment • Potentially attract crowd into university without spending money to make advertisement 1.4BENEFITS • Encourages social interaction • Enhance bonds between friends • A place for students to hang out and get to know each other • Provides a pleasant atmosphere right outside classes, to get away from stress from studies • Improves communication skills between students • Develop new relationships • Cost effective leisure for students • A Source Of Healthy Entertainment • Improves the image of the university
  4. 4. The amusement park will provide complete satisfaction to the students. During their visit, they will not only participate and get entertained but also derive thrill. The food is going to be heavenly and the facilities available at the park are educative for the students and informative for the adults. • Amusement Park as a Source of Education Most of the university students in the country are confined to theoretical academic curriculum, which tends to be stereotype, monotonous and less receptive. When the education is coupled with entertainment, it brings out the desired results. By visiting this amusement park, they learn to work and enjoy work as a group and team spirit is inculcated in them. They are taught discipline, patience and tolerance etc. As during their visit to the park they have to wait for their turn, enjoy even while striking against each other and tolerate any discomfort. That is the reason why this Amusement park is very important 1.5SUCCESS CRITERIA Success has always been the ultimate goal of every activity, and a construction project is no exception. Due to the ambiguous definition of project success and the different perceptions of participants toward this concept, it may be difficult to tell whether a project is successful as there is a lack of consensus. Time, cost, and quality have long been the success criteria used to evaluate the performance of a construction project. However, such a list has been criticized as not being comprehensive. Even studies of the project success of a particular construction method, such as the design/build procurement system, are lacking in most previous research considering construction projects in general.
  6. 6. 2.2 SCHEDULE
  7. 7. 2.3 CONSTRAINT COST / RESOURCE • Statistics used in preparing the estimates are unreliable. • The consulting requirements from outside cannot be accurately estimated TIME • Deliverables submitted for approval will require only working days for review. • There is no limit to review and approval cycles. • Equipment order lead times cannot be specified with accuracy in time. • The project might be delayed because of weather which most of the time is raining. • The muslim worker might work slower than other because the construction is in fasting month. SCOPE • The scope of the project is unclear and hard to evaluate . • The project depends upon receiving data from other, such as external applications and private application. • Key decision-makers are difficult to contact when issues arise with the project. • Key staff resources will be available only on a part-time basis not full- time. • Computer resources will be available on a limited basis
  8. 8. 3.1 Project Plan The Inner Layout Skate Boarding Thispartwill bebrokento makeabridge Bench Snacks /Junkfood stall LaserTagplace Paintball place ArcadeGAMES Enterfor only Taylorians Heptagon Tables Ice-cream and Juice stall
  9. 9. The Outer Layout classesDivisionalOffice Bridge Entrance SoundproofceilingSoundproofceiling
  10. 10. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 3.2 SITE ANALYSIS between the gap, there are structured pillars which is for the rooftop the site is on the 2nd floor of the 2 buildings connected together height:
  11. 11. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 The only possible entrance in the area a gap in our surface area between two buildings the site is facing the sports & recreational area (and also the new construction building one of the pillars that supports the building this area almost cover around 3/4 of our maximum site area
  12. 12. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 3.3 OUTPUT SUCCESS CRITERIA FOR A DESIRABLE OUTPUT On Budget The project is completed at or under the contracted cost. On Schedule The project is completed on or before the contracted finish date. Meets Specifications The completed project meets or exceeds all technical performance specifications provided by the owner. Conforms to User's Expectations The completed project meets or exceeds the user’s envisioned functional goals (fitness for purpose). High Quality of Workmanship The completed project meets or exceeds the accepted standards of workmanship in all areas. Minimizes Construction Aggravation The construction process does not unduly burden the owner's project management staff. Establish Cost Secure a project cost before the start of detailed design. Reduce Cost Decrease the overall project cost as compared to other procurement methods (design-bid-build, construction management, etc.). Establish Schedule Secure a project schedule before the start of detailed design. Shorten Duration Decrease the overall project completion time as compared to other procurement methods (design- bid-build, construction management, etc.). Reduce Claims Decrease litigation due to separate design and construction entities. Large Project Size/Complexity The project’s shear magnitude is too complex to be managed through multiple contracts. Constructability/Innovation Introduce construction knowledge into design early in the process.
  13. 13. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 3.4 AUTHORIZATION PROCUREMENT PROCEDURE No Procedure Time to comp lete Cost associa ted MRM 1 Obtain Sewerage Approval Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 14 0 2 Obtain Fire Safety (Arch) Comment Fire safety procedures are regulated by Fire Services Act 1988 and Uniform Building Bylaws 1984 (Chapter 8) Agency: Fire Department (Bomba) 14 0 3 Obtain Hoarding & Signboard Approval Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya MPSJ 7 1,514 4 Obtain Landscape Approval Agency: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus 7 0 5 Obtain Car Park Approval Agency: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus 7 0 6 Obtain Building Plan Approval The approval of the building plans authorizes construction of the building within 12 months from the date of approval. Approval is granted by the Building Department of the local authority. The filing fees for the application for building plan approval are MYR 10.00 per 10 sq. m. or any part thereof (a minimum of MYR 100.00) under the First Schedule of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Building By-Laws of 1985. In the case here, involving a 1,300.6 sq. m. built-up area, the application fee would be MYR 1,300.60. Agency: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus 17 1301
  14. 14. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 7 Obtain Fire Safety (M&E) Approval Agency: Fire Department (Bomba) 14 0 8 Obtain Permission to start work from Building Department (KMB) Agency: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus 1 0 9 Notification to start Earthwork from Engineering Department (B FORM) Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya MPSJ 1 0 10 Request sewerage inspection Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 1 0 11 Sewerage inspection Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 1 0 12 Road and Drainage Inspection Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya MPSJ 1 0 13 Road and Drainage Report Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya MPSJ 12 0 14 Request Sewerage Clearance Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 1 0 15 Sewerage Inspection Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 1 0 16 Sewerage Report 12 0
  15. 15. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 17 Request Fire Safety Clearance Agency: Fire Department(Bomba) 1 111 18 Fire Safety Inspection Agency: Fire Department(Bomba) 1 0 19 Fire Safety Report Agency: Fire Department(Bomba) 12 0 20 Request Water Clearance Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 1 1000 21 Water Inspection Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 1 0 22 Water Report Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 11 3 23 Deposit G1 - G21 Forms and F Form to Board of Arch / Eng Malaysia A copy of forms G1 G2 should also be submitted to the Order of Architects and Engineers of Malaysia Agency: Board of Architecs and Engineers of Malaysia 1 0 24 Obtain Water Connection Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 1 30 25 Obtain Telco Connection Agency: Telekom Malaysia (Telco) 15 495
  16. 16. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2 4. RISKS The many students going in and out of the amusement park and food stalls would give so much noise, where the arcade games, skateboarding, paintball & laser tag games would contribute too. This would distract studies from the classroom, which is just next to the site. Moreover, it would distract lecturers as the Divisional office is also next to the site. The site also contains an important part on ventilation for the classrooms and divisional offices, making a building on the site would eliminate the ventilation for the buildings. 5. PROJECT ORGANIZATION
  17. 17. Project Brief ICI Group B Project 2