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English essay writing

  1. 1. Muhammad Haziq bin Hj. Zariful (Group B) 0314131 English 1 module April Intake 2013
  2. 2. PREWRITING Poor Time Management Causes Attitud e Feels like time- management is not important Try doing work themselves How to Overcome Introduce timetable Seeking advice from seniors & counselors Keep reminders in check before & after going to bed Effects Stress Ill Health Headach es Overworking Causes Overly concentrated on being successful focus on school performance Wants more quantity of work for more marks How we overcome Establishing a proper lifestyle Doing sport / chatting with friends that would release pressure Doing activities for a good way of living such as sports and club activities Effects Not socializin g with peers Too focused on work that he/she doesn't focus on health/food Malnutrition Eats unhealthy food / Junk food
  3. 3. Education is an important factor for young people and the country also made it a priority. Although nowadays, there are more people to compete in employment compared to the past, causing students to have more and harder work thus causing less free time for students to relax. The causes of this problem can be identified in three types, which are poor time-management, overworking, absence in class due to personal commitments. Firstly, the cause is poor time-management; where students have so many work, plans and important matters to assess to, stacked in his/her schedule. All of these things to juggle around for students contributed to less resting time for them. One of the reasons of such a problem can be recognized as the attitude of the students such as how one feels as if time- management isn’t such an essential influence towards helping his/her work. A different attitude that causes poor time-management is how a student does work alone and stubbornly refuses to let others help him finish his work therefore, he/she have to manage more work. These causes bring about effects to an individual’s life and health such as stress and ill health. Since there are so many work to juggle for a single student, with due-dates getting more closer, students would start imagining bad grades that would be given to them once they show their unfinished work to their teachers, what’s worse would be the reactions of their teachers and parents. These visualizations generate stress that would then give side effects such as ill health, headaches and even stomach pain. Next, the second cause is overworking, which can be classified to two people who are people who manages too many work without wanting to have them, people who are forced into the working patterns and people who are called ‘workaholics’, individuals who wants to
  4. 4. work late night, who works because he/she wants to as it might give the best results to life. While it is beneficial for one’s future and that it is a good thing to do, overworking would obviously sacrifice a lot of free time for a student. A cause for overworking is being overly concentrated on being successful; this applies to workaholics who already decided an aim in their life so much that he/she makes a barrier to the social world where friends and family are ignored. As students, they would focus on their contribution and school performance. Another cause for overworking is that a student wants to add in more quantity and content in their work so that more marks would be given. Being a workaholic isn’t such a good way of life, because it effecttheir public life where they can’t socialize with peers. Along with the other classified people who don’t want to work, workaholics also ignore their health, sometimes ending up with malnutrition or eating unhealthy junk food. Finally, frequent absence in class due to personal commitments also contributes to having less leisure time. These personal obligations can be due to serious ill health, not the regular ill health where doctors would give an Letter of absence because that would take only a few days but it’s the serious health where he/she would be hospitalized for weeks. Another cause is visiting other people in different countries or in different places in the country, therefore the student would be unable to receive work that his friends have already obtained them. By the time the student comes back, he/she would have a shorter time to finish his/her work adding up to the other past work piled up when he/she was gone. The student would have a lack of time or rush through the completion of his assignment. In conclusion, students should overcome these causes as it may disrupt their studies and there are many ways. In time managing, we can overcome by introducing timetables or
  5. 5. holding talks in time managing can overcome poor time-management. Also by seeking advices from seniors or counselors, then, to keep reminders in check before or after going to bed, knowing what to do before or after waking up the next day. To overcome the problem of overworking, workaholics need to shatter their barrier to the social world and do chat with friends to release pressure, by doing activities to establish a way of life such as sports and club activities. We can overcome absence in class by going out of the country not during a school term. If it’s very important, then limit the time not exceeding a week so that work can be done on a weekend. If it’s more urgent, then finishing the work sooner can be a good option, so that not much work can be stacked. Reference: 1) http://www.nickheap.co.uk/articles.asp?art_id=67 2) http://www.dumblittleman.com/2010/07/7-reasons-why-you-are-time-poor.html