ICI Project 2 Company profile 2013


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ICI Project 2 Company profile 2013

  1. 1.   L e v e l   3 ,   B a n g u n a n   H j   Z a r i f u l   H j   M o h a m m e d ,   S m p .   1 5 -­‐ 1 1 ,     N o .   1 1 ,   J l n .   S u l t a n   A b d u l   K a h a r , B a n d a r   S e r i   B e g a w a n ,   N e g a r a   B r u n e i   D a r u s s a l a m             COMPANY PROFILE 2013
  2. 2. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           2                                                                           CONTENTS 1.INTRODUCTION a. Company Background b.About the Company 2.STRATEGY a. Aim b.Objectives c. Vision 3.BUSINESS CONCEPT a. Services b.Responsibilities c. Core Values 4.THE ORGANIZATION a. Company Organization b.Principal Quantity Surveyor c. Financial Statement d.Contacts
  3. 3. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           3                                                                           1. INTRODUCTION a. Company Background } Established in 2035, ‘HZ15 Consultant’ was founded by local Bruneian Haji Muhammad Haziq bin Hj Zariful after experiencing years of servicing his skills in Quantity Surveying at the local Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) of Brunei Darussalam. Establishing his very own company is for the purposes of finding a new challenge in life, putting his leadership skills in use and also to elevate his experience to a whole new level.” b. About the Company Ø Led by Haji Muhammad Haziq bin Hj Zariful Ø Set up in 2035 Ø Sole Proprietorship Ø Private firm Ø Brunei-based Ø Chartered Quantity Surveying practice      
  4. 4. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           4                                                                           2. STRATEGY a. Aim } To give high standards of quality in workmanship, professionalism and teamwork while providing full service with essential qualities of accuracy and knowledge to give satisfaction and ease of mind to the client without making mistakes that would affect the project so that it would run smoothly” b. Objectives ✓ Providing outstanding services through quality ✓ Fulfilling our duty with accuracy and having the right knowledge in doing so. ✓ Cooperate as a team fulfilling our duties according to their or the client’s needs ✓ Commitment to the project both as a company and as a project team ✓ To prevent lousy mistakes or work that would frustrate the project team or especially the client and to instead give a peace of mind to gain a recognition to the whole team
  5. 5. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           5                                                                           c. Vision HZ Consultant’s vision is to assist & be part of different teams in different & big projects across the country with quality service, which would result in a high reputation for the company, for it to be well-known not just across the country, but also across the region, giving opportunities of providing our services in foreign countries. Of course, the company would try to achieve this without rivalry between different companies.
  6. 6. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           6                                                                           3. BUSINESS CONSEPT a. Services HZ Consultant offers the various services in the field of Quantity Surveying and ensuring quality in every duty provided along with feasibility to do so in all types of projects, whatever the size or complexity: Ø Preparing tender & contract documents that includes bill of quantities Ø Cost analysis Ø Identify, analyze and develop responses to commercial risks Ø Analyze outcomes and write detailed reports on progress of work Ø Maintain awareness in different building contracts Ø Allocating work to subcontractors Ø Value work and arranging payments in the construction team Ø Aside from working behind the office or on-site, we also assist the client on the project such as: • Assist clients in locating and accessing additional & alternative source of funds
  7. 7. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           7                                                                           • Assist client’s requirement & study it’s feasibility • Enable client to initiate construction projects • Offer advice on property taxation • Provide legal advice in contractual claims b. Responsibilities From the initial calculations to the final figures of the construction, HZ15 Consultant’s QS team manages all cost related to the building, also seeking to minimize the costs of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality. The following are the principal services rendered: 1. Cost Planning 2. Life Cycle Costing 3. Value Management 4. Facilities Management 5. Preliminary Cost Advice 6. Procurement Methods 7. Contractual Advice 8. Tendering 9. Valuation of Construction Work 10. Cost Control & Financial Management 11. Insurance Advice
  8. 8. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           8                                                                           c. Core Values In the company, it is essential to have the core values needed when working in the team, including teamwork & professionalism, others include: • Fairness, honesty and integrity • Respect privacy • Deal openly with clients • Observe rules of conduct • Disclose conflicts of interest • A good knowledge of construction methods and materials • Safeguard clients’ assets entrusted to them • Have an analytical mind • When supervising technical subordinates, always encourage good professional practice and require high standard in the quality of the work. • Budget handling skills • Excellent IT and math skills • A methodical approach to work • Good organizational skills, especially time- management skills • A clear understanding of Building Regulations and other legal guidelines • Excellent communication and negotiating skills the ability to work as part of a team.
  9. 9. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           9                                                                           Board  of   Directors   Executive   Director   Professional  &   Sub-­‐ professional   Special  Project   Division   Senior  Project   Manager   Senior  Quantity   Surveyor   Quantity   Surveyor   Assistant   Quantity   Surveyor   Consultancy   Division   Quantity   Surveyors       Assistant   Quantity   Surveyor   Associate   Director   Managging   Director   Administration   &  Finance   Executive   Administration   Senior  Quantity   Surveyor   Quantity   Surveyor   Assistant   Quantity   Surveyor   4. The Organization a. Company Organization
  10. 10. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           10                                                                           b. Principal Quantity Surveyor (Experience / Affiliations) • Haji Muhammad Haziq bin Hj Zariful • MRICS, MBQSM (Malaysia), MPUJA (Brunei), Reg. QS • Brunei Citizen (I/C No.: 01-097115) • BSc(Hons) in Quantity Surveying, 2019 • 25 years experience in the field of Quantity Surveying • 2020-2035: Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Brunei Darussalam, Ministry of Development. Position as Registered Quantity Surveyor from 2020 to 2025, gained promotion to Senior Quantity Surveyor since then until leaving the firm to pursue a private firm. • 2035-Present: Principal Quantity Surveyor, HZ15 Consultant
  11. 11. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           11                                                                           Professional Qualifications • Professional  Member  of  Royal   Institute  of  Chartered  Quantity   Surveyors,  U.K.  (RICS)  since  2035,   (MRICS  membership  no.  0198454)   • Corporate  Member  of   Pertubuhan  Ukur,  Jurutera  dan   Arkitek,  Brunei  (PUJA),  since   2035,                             (MPUJA  (B)  membership  no.  CM   114-­‐S025)     • Registered  Member  of  the  Board   of  Quantity  Surveyors  Malaysia   (BQSM)  since  2040,           (BQSM  Registration  no.   2006/MT00001)      
  12. 12. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           12                                                                           c. Financial Information Registered Company number: 151197-Z Authorized Capital: RM370, 000 Paid up Capital RM120, 000 Registered Bank Standard Chartered Signing Principal Haji Muhammad Haziq bin Hj Zariful d. Contacts Office Address: Level 3, Bangunan Hj Zariful Hj Mohammed, Smp. 15-11, No. 11, Jln. Sultan Abdul Kahar, Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam Telephone no.: +673 2656115 Fax no.: +673 2456769 E-mail Address: hz15@gmail.com haziq.soul@gmail.com
  13. 13. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           13                                                                           Name-Card:
  14. 14. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           14                                                                           Envelope: Letterhead:
  15. 15. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           15