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Mise en place


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How to do Mise- in place

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Mise en place

  1. 1. Hazem Saleh
  2. 2. After this study You will be able to : - organize and plan your work more efficiently - understand basic technique for preparation you place - understand which items you need preparer - hygiene and Mise-en place .
  3. 3. MISE-EN PLACE Its French and it means ‘’ everything in its place ‘’ • Organize and plan your work • Gather and prepare your area • Assemble the tools and equipment's
  4. 4. The checklist -The checklist it’s the tool or guide line for preparation and doing mise-en place . -We do have different checklist for morning opening and closing also for afternoon and night shift .
  5. 5. Measuring and preparing the Mise-en place The measuring of your preparation its can be different from shit to anther as well day today ,up to the occupancy of the hotel as well the season . Weekend day for example its completely different to the mid days of the week . That’s why its very important to the person who its doing the preparation to be knowledgeable and aware of what its happening and the customer consumption .
  6. 6. Bar stock - Its tracking sheet for your store items by the minimum quantity that you should have its can be in store or fridge . - Also the bar stock helping to do the store requisition and how to control your stock - As well the inventory - bar stock also can be change up to the operation wise Low season to low season .
  7. 7. Mise-en place and my guest * your preparation has to match with your guest in house As the different between them mean a lot For example : - There is kind of guest who like to have a lot of Arabic bread with almost every meal which means that you need to be ready with your preparation with a lot of Arabic bread There another kind who prefer extra condiments aside. - Another guest drinking tea or coffee early morning for example ….etc.
  8. 8. Mise –in place and the expiry Being ready its very important, however saving guest is our purity Most o your Mis- en place is food items which means the life shelf for it is limited specially if it kept outside the fridge Its very important to use your sense and try to not waste any food items and do your preparation As per the operation needs you can prepare either less or more Mise-en place .
  9. 9. Hygienic Mis-en place - All food items has to be in the fridge specially if you are working in preparation pass And to stop food contamination - Bread has to be in warmer to keep it fresh and change ever shift - Pastry we use in the morning we can use for 4 hours ( as per the law ).