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Ability to stay innovative


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How can companies stay innovative? Read the three secrets that allows companies to perpetually create innovation.

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Ability to stay innovative

  1. 1. Ability to stay innovative Hazem Abolrous
  2. 2. Why do we have to die? No longer useful No Potential Irrelevant
  3. 3. Do businesses die?
  4. 4. Courtesy of
  5. 5. The rules are nearly identical for businesses and people but …there is a twist
  6. 6. Businesses Can extend youth
  7. 7. Three components for perpetual adolescence 1. Great People • A soul (leader) – Representing and shaping the culture inside out • People – Great and relevant talent. Relevancy changes • Organizational complexity – Keep it simple 2. Enabling Infrastructure • Communication – Help people express ideas and find others • Process – Minimal and meaningful process • Tools – Helpful and complementary tools (an end-to-end complementary system) 3. Learning culture • Experimentation – Short and rapid iterations with small tasks • Reward innovation – Reward those who add “value” to customers and company • Security and autonomy – Allow people to fail and learn from their failure
  8. 8. M&A - An innovation arm • Acquisitions are a great arm for innovation whether to acquire talent, technologies, or competitive advantage • Can be a challenge to integrate and realize value Company Total # of acquisitions How many years acquiring? Average numbers per year? Google 143 12 Cisco 165 20 Facebook 42 6 IBM (Modern) 150 23 Microsoft 162 27 Oracle 90 19 eBay 45 14 Apple 54 25 12 8 7 7 6 5 3 2 Information obtained from Wikipedia
  9. 9. "Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." Albert Einstein - 1938
  10. 10. Companies that reinvented themselves Google Gun Powder Search Apple 1st Personal computer DuPont GE LG The Gap Toyota Xerox Nintendo Records Playing Cards Microsoft Server and Desktop Software Nokia Rubber Boots IBM American Express
  11. 11. Businesses can stay youthful for a long time and rejuvenate