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What Do Tomorrow's Service Designers Need to Know?


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slides from What do Tomorrow's Service Designers Need to Know? workshop at ServDes, Helsinki 2012

Published in: Education, Design
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What Do Tomorrow's Service Designers Need to Know?

  1. 1. What DoTomorrow’sService DesignersNeed to Know?Stefan Holmlid, KatarinaWetter Edman, ElenaPacenti, Birgit Mager &Hazel White
  2. 2. define the taskco-designing a process for developing a framework for sharing informationand developing service design education
  3. 3. benchmarks content co-designwhat are the what is the can co-creationbenchmarks for relationship with support theService Design other disciplines? development ofEducation? courses and curricula?
  4. 4. before during afterpartial view of the How do we develop a Keep evolving thelandscape framework? What framework on are the themes? Service Design Education wikki
  5. 5. discover define develop deliver
  6. 6. This Master of Business Administration programme is a 1,5 or 2,5 year, 90 ects creditsprofessional programme, which trains students from diverse backgrounds to becomepracticing service developers. The entry requirement for Masters studies in Finnishuniversities of applied sciences is that a student holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s level degreeand has acquired at least three years of relevant work experience after graduation. ThisMasters studies degree is provided in English and can be completed alongside a full-timejob. The main objective of this degree programme is to provide education which is trulybased on genuine competence development needs of companies and other organisations.Katri Ojasalo, Ph.D.Principal lecturerLaurea University of Applied Science
  7. 7. We welcome applicants from backgrounds in Design, Healthcare, Education or Business. Graduates from other disciplines, thosewithout an undergraduate degree but with relevant work experience, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. M.Des for Services University of Dundee
  8. 8. M.F.A Service Design, SCAD
  9. 9. The aim of the MA in Service and Experience Design is to develop professional skills for designing the customerexperience as well as service innovation.ADMISSION: Higher Education Degree (24+)LANGUAGE English.DURATION 12 months (full time)FIRST INTAKE September 2011
  10. 10. “have theories, concepts and frameworks of thesocio-material worlds within and for which theydesignhave theories, concepts and frameworks of theorganisations, communities, projects and teamswithin and for which they designbe able to explain where they themselves arelocated and accountable in the contexts in whichthey work”Lucy KimbellHead of Social Design, Young FoundationWhat Do Tomorrows Service Designers Need to Know?what are the three ‘must haves’
  11. 11. “See the whole service system and explain thatto stakeholdersBe able to communicate user experiencesLearning to experience prototype”Rory HamiltonFreelance Service Designer live|work and OrangeWhat Do Tomorrows Service Designers Need to Know?what are the three ‘must haves’
  12. 12. Customer/user value formationBusiness value formationVisualising processes, concepts & systemsKatri OjasaloHead of Masters Degree Programme in Service Innovation and Design atLaureaWhat Do Tomorrows Service Designers Need to Know?what are the three ‘must haves’
  13. 13. Services are systems rather than non-goodsSuitable ways of visualising servicesPrototyping the intangibleFabian SegelströmPhD student in Service Design at Linköping UniversityWhat Do Tomorrows Service Designers Need to Know?what are the three ‘must haves’
  14. 14. Understanding the contextual forces that shape aprojectDeveloping empathy with stakeholdersworking in multi-disciplinary teams, solvingcommunication problems, and practicing ethicallyNatalie StephensonJames Cook University, AustraliaM.F.A Service Design, SCAD
  15. 15. Lucy Kimbell, Rory Hamilton, Katri Ojasalo, Fabian Segelström
  16. 16. What DoTomorrow’sService DesignersNeed to Know?What are your themes?
  17. 17. Workshoppopulate themes
  18. 18. Master of Design for Service Modules discover define deliver semester one semester two semester three certificate diploma masters sep oct nov dec jan feb mar apr may jun july aug sep Design Research Futures Modules Prof. Mike Press Strategic Information Design, 20 credits Teaching or Placement Masters Project People, Design + Mindful Design Practice Realisation + Services Hazel White Communication Fraser Bruce 20 credits 20 credits Hazel White 60 credits Strategic Design Prototyping Prof. Tom Inns Fraser Bruce 20 credits 20 creditsM.Des for Services University of Dundee
  19. 19. Workshopsort
  20. 20. develop online shared resource
  21. 21. What Do Stefan Holmlid Linköpings Universitet, Sweden Katarina Wetter Edman Center for ServiceTomorrow’s Research, Karlstad, Sweden Elena Pacenti Domus Academy, Milano, ItalyService Birgit Mager Köln International School of Design, Cologne, GermanyDesigners Daniela Sangiorgi Imagination, University ofNeed to Lancaster, UK Stuart Bailey Glasgow School of Art, UKKnow? Hazel White University of Dundee, UK