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Onchocerca volvulus


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Parasitology - Onchocerca volvulus

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Onchocerca volvulus

  1. 1. Adults Live in the nodules for approximately 15 years Female is larger than male Female worms are capable of producing microfilariae in the subcutaneous nodules for approximately 9 years
  2. 2. Microfilariae Unsheathed Life span: may reach 2 years Ingested by a blackfly Occasionally found in peripheral blood, urine, and sputum Typically found in skin and lymphatics of connect tissues
  3. 3. Onchocerca volvolus
  4. 4. Onchocerca volvolus
  5. 5. Causes Onchocerciasis “River Blindness” – fertile riverside areas Blindness in many African Countries West and Central Africa Onchocerca volvolus Yemen and six countries in Latin America Blindness in many African Countries Half a million blind people
  6. 6. Manifestation Pruritus – severe itching pf the skin Dermatitis – inflammation of the skin Onchocercomata – adult form fibrous capsules in the subcutaneous nodules Onchocerca volvolus Lymphadenopathies – disease in the lymph nodes Ocular Lesions – could cause blindness
  7. 7. Diagnosis Skin snips - microfilariae Corneal-scleral punch (Scalpel and needle) Sample Onchocerca volvolus Incubate for 30mins-2hours in saline or culture medium Examined for microfilariae that would have migrated from the tissue to the liquid phase of the specimen
  8. 8. Other methods Those with Ocular Lesions Slit Lamp Examination (Microfilaria) Substanciapropria of the cornea Anterior chamber Onchocerca volvolus Tissue Samples in Nodulectomies (Adult Worms) Africa : Trunk and Limbs (Simulium Bite Limbs) America : Head particulary over the scalp (Bite Head Region and Neck)