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Necator americanus


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Parasitology - Necator americanus

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Necator americanus

  1. 1. Necator americanus
  3. 3. NECATORIASIS UNCINARIASIS Necator americanus Disease
  4. 4. Necator americanus Historical Notes Predominant human hookworm in the Philippines Agent in the production of “laziness” in poor white population in the Southern USA; “Tropical Anemia” of Puerto Rico and tropical areas in Western hemisphere
  5. 5. Necator americanus Morphology Adult Worm • Attenuated anterior end w/ a buccal capsule • Ventral and dorsal pair of semilunar cutting plates • Strongly flexed dorsal ward the anterior end
  6. 6. Necator americanus Morphology Adult Worm • Amphidial (secretes anticoagulant), excretory and esophageal glands for exodigestive function • Grayish yellow at times reddish
  7. 7. Necator americanus Morphology Adult Male Worm • 7-9mm long • Long and wide bursa
  8. 8. Necator americanus Morphology Adult Male Worm • Bipartite dorsal ray • Long, slender and fused (forming delicate barb) copulatory spicules
  9. 9. Necator americanus Morphology Adult Female Worm • 9-11mm long • Vulva is situated either in middle or somewhat anterior
  10. 10. Necator americanus Morphology Eggs • Resembles those of Ancylostoma duodenale • Longer and more elongated than A.duodenale • Daily egg output is 9,000 eggs
  11. 11. Necator americanus Morphology Diagnosis • Subnormal level of hemoglobin with hookworm eggs in the feces (Hookworm disease) • Egg number estimation (Egg count)
  12. 12. Necator americanus Morphology Diagnosis • Presence of Charcot Leyden crystals in the feces (heavy infection : prepatent period) • 24 hour fecal specimen preservation at room temp for egg hatching to hookworm larvae
  13. 13. Necator americanus Morphology Treatment • Single dose of Benzimidazole antihelminthic • Such as Albendazole or Mebendazole
  14. 14. Necator americanus STORYANG BUTBOT A. duodenale N. americanus Strong Weak Larger and thicker Smaller and more slender Stunted Children Growth and Mental Retardation (I Have Enough Power) Iron-deficiency anemia, Hypothermia, Eosinophilia, Protein Malnutrition Classic Hookworm Disease 6 Ventral Cutting Teeth 4 Ventral Cutting Plate No Lung Migration Requires Lung Migration Tripartite Dorsal Ray Bipartite Dorsal Ray Present Spine Absent Spine Anterior end bends in same direction Anterior end bends in opposite direction