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Poster design


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Hints and tips for designing an academic poster - presented at Edinburgh Napier University School of Computing Research Student Conference, 11th May 2016. The content centres on critiquing an old poster from 2006 and identifying its main weaknesses.

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Poster design

  1. 1. Poster design Professor Hazel Hall School of Computing Research Student Conference Edinburgh Napier University 11th May 2016
  2. 2. Once upon a time, back in the olden days…
  3. 3. Colour scheme?
  4. 4. Placement of key information?
  5. 5. Navigation?
  6. 6. Font sizes?
  7. 7. Quantity of information?
  8. 8. Graphics?
  9. 9. Follow-up details?
  10. 10. Acknowledgements?
  11. 11. Physical copies to take away
  12. 12. Full text to take away
  13. 13. Accessible archived copies of poster and full text
  14. 14. Sensible colour scheme Clear placement of key information Obvious navigation Legible font sizes Graphics Limited information Follow-up details Acknowledgements Physical copies to take awayFull text to take away Archived copies
  15. 15. For further information please consult the real prize-winning experts! John 2015 joint winner SDS Iris 2016 winner IDIMC Frances 2014 runner up SICSA