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The ScrapsBook.pdf

  1. Digital Digest MRK634 ZSS by Hazel Ng The ScrapsBook
  2. PROBLEM Why IKEA needs to introduce the ScrapsBook campaign? Food waste is a global problem 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year 63% of discarded food can be eaten People purchased too much food than needed Kitchen is where the most waste is produced
  3. IKEA Introduced The ScrapsBook A cookbook with recipes of reutilizing the kitchen scraps
  4. SOLUTION How IKEA cater the needs of customer? Scrapcooking – turning kitchen scraps into beautiful dishes Collaborate with 10 chefs in North America Offer 50 recipes Cook with the little things we usually throw
  5. Goal of the campaign Encourage people to reduce food wastes Generate positive brand image Offer sustainable solutions to the public 1 2 3
  6. Achievement #1 cookbooks on Apple Books >13 million social impressions 220 million media impressions 36,000 downloads of the ebook
  7. What is the Real Benefits? 10% increase in sales (IKEA Kitchen) 95% increase in sign-ups (customer loyalty) 16% increase in store traffic
  8. Why is this campaign SUCCESSFUL? Innovative idea which attracts customers’ attention 1 2 3 Remind customers about IKEA’s brand & Increase brand awareness Build positive brand image Contribute to the society by reducing waste and protect the environment 4 5 Strengthening the sustainability value
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