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Hays Logistics & Purchasing


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De logistieke wereld is hectisch. De professionals die u zoekt passen hierbij: ze zijn analytisch, kunnen snel schakelen en hebben geen 9 tot 5-mentaliteit. De consultants van Hays Logistics & Purchasing kennen uw wereld als geen ander en vinden snel de juiste mensen voor uw vacature.

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Hays Logistics & Purchasing

  1. 1. Hays specialises in recruiting andselecting professionals. As one ofthe leading global recruiters Haysprovides you with the expertise andscope you are looking for.We offer an attractive product package coveringRecruitment & Selection, Deployment, Secondment , andAssessment & Development.Your specialised Hays consultant has a full grasp of yourbrief, and understands your organisational requirements.Our extensive network of talented candidates is highlydynamic; you’ll have the ideal professional to placewithin your company in no time at all. Hays meets yourobjectives effortlessly.Hays Logistics & PurchasingAre you looking to place a permanent Inventory Planneror a Logisitics Coordinator who knows everything thereis to know about SAP/ERP? Need to temporarily replaceyour Warehouse Manager or Logistics Manager? Thelogistics world is a hectic one. The professionals you seekfit into it well: they are analytical, can switch quickly fromone thing to another, and don’t have a 9-5 mentality. TheConsultants at Hays Logistics & Purchasing understandyour world better than anyone, and are able to findthe right people for you. Experts who communicatewell and can prioritise. Candidates at junior, senior andmanagement level, who can be placed straightaway!“Hays Logistics has continually found the right peoplefor our organisation. I cannot recommend Hays enough ifyou’re looking to outsource your recruitment & selectionneeds.”Elles Pel, Personnel Advisor at Intersafehays.nltalent in logisticsand purchasingnetwork of expertsTypical Positions• Warehouse Manager• Supply Chain Manager• Site Manager• Supply Manager• Warehouse Supervisor• Team Leader• Junior Buyer• Strategic and Operational Buyers• International Buyer• Logistics Engineer• Logistics Planner• Head of Planning• Customs Clearance Agent• Customs Manager• Logistics Manager• Forwarding AgentCustomers• Production Companies• Logistical Service Providers• Support OfficesWould you like more information? Visit our or email us at