Hays Global Skills Index Infographic Netherlands 2014


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Hays Global Skills Index: “The great Talent Mismatch”. De dynamiek van de wereldwijde arbeidsmarkt. Bekijk de infographic van de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt

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Hays Global Skills Index Infographic Netherlands 2014

  1. 1. †Forecast figures for 2013 © Copyright Hays plc 2013. HAYS, the Corporate and Sector H devices, Recruiting experts worldwide, the HAYS Recruiting experts worldwide logo and Powering the World of Work are trade marks of Hays plc. The Corporate and Sector H devices are original designs protected by registration in many countries. All rights are reserved. The reproduction or transmission of all or part of this work, whether by photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means or otherwise, without the written permission of the owner, is restricted. The commission of any unauthorised act in relation to the work may result in civil and/or criminal action. The Hays Global Skills Index 2013 View from the ground The Netherlands’ economy has been in recession since 2008 and this has impacted confidence within the labour market and employers are hesitant to hire. Overall there is low demand and high supply, which takes away the pressure of recruiting for most employers. Specialist skills are in high demand and talented international candidates find they are able to work for their employer of choice. The Netherlands is recognised as an attractive place to work for cross border professionals, this works as a short-term solution, but when the economy picks up the domestic supply of highly-skilled workers needs to be increased. Robert van Veggel, Managing Director, Hays Netherlands 4.6 6.2 4.8 3.5 0.0 6.1 4.6 BACKGROUND ECONOMIC DATA KEY FINDING While participation in the labour market is high, improvements are expected to slow in 2013. Paradoxically, this contributes the most to upward pressures in the Netherlands (insofar as they exist at all). Employers accustomed to a flood of additional labour coming on-line annually may find a mere trickle this year. Downward pressure from • Overall wage pressure • International PISA rank • Structural unemployment Upward pressure from • Wage pressure in high-skill industries • Increase in education levels • Labour market regulations 16.8m 1.8% 5.3% 36,400 36,000 611 605 16.8m 2.3% -0.1% -0.9% 6.8% 4.3 OVERALL SCORECOUNTRY PROFILE The Netherlands, with a score of 4.3, is going through a period of adjustment. Oxford Economics forecasts a 0.9% contraction this year, which follows a 1% contraction in 2012. In this environment, employers may have a relatively easy time of attracting and retaining the skilled labour they require. The Netherlands seems to be weathering this adjustment successfully, considering its unemployment rate is expected to reach just 6.8% in 2013 (up from last year’s 5.3%) and participation in the labour market is expected to reach a high not seen in at least two decades. 0 2.5 5 7.5 10 BREAKDOWN OF SEVEN INDICATOR SCORES Indicators Education flexibility Talent mismatch Overall wage pressure Labour market participation Labour market flexibility Wage pressure in high-skill industries Wage pressure in high-skill occupations Scores 50 102.5 7.5 UNEMPLOYMENT GDP Long-term unempl. rate Unemployment rate *2013 prices GDP/head (EUR*) GDP (Billion EUR*) GDP Growth POPULATION 2012 2013† 4.2 in 2012 The Netherlands