The Top Six Sales Lessons From 2013


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Which sales lessons did you learn during 2013?

It was an amazing year for sales tips and advice, with plenty of new techniques and tactics being tried and tested.

Here's a round-up of the top sales lessons every salesperson should know for 2014.

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The Top Six Sales Lessons From 2013

  1. 1. The Top Six Sales Lessons From 2013 Everything you need to know to own 2014.
  2. 2. Start Each Day With Purpose
  3. 3. Know Your Purpose In the day-to-day sales world, you need a purpose to stay on track. Checking your emails with a coffee and having a “come-what-may” attitude isn’t likely to pay off. Instead, start each day with a defined purpose and you’ll achieve a lot more.
  4. 4. Keep Your Head In The Game
  5. 5. Stay Positive Working in sales is all about taking risks. The more risks you take, the more successes you’ll achieve – but the more losses you’ll have, too. Keeping a positive attitude is essential to staying in the game and being ready for the next opportunity.
  6. 6. Know What Drives You
  7. 7. What Motivates You? Is it your competitors, your fears or helping to solve customer problems? Knowing what drives you forward will help to achieve goals and stay on the right track.
  8. 8. Appreciate The Differences In People
  9. 9. Know That People Are All Different, and All Brilliant Sales is a competitive world, and sales people put themselves on the line every day. Remembering that everyone is different, but everyone is positive, will boost your performance. It sounds simple, but it’s one of the leading sales tips for a reason!
  10. 10. Know Your Strengths
  11. 11. There’s No Neutral In Sales A customers’ experience with a sales person is either positive or negative. There is no middle ground. Remember that when you make calls, or start negotiations. Know your strengths, and line them up with your desired outcome. You’ll make the experience better for everyone involved.
  12. 12. Expect Everything
  13. 13. Expect The Unexpected Crazy things happen in sales. Be prepared for that by always being ready for something to happen. If you expect the unexpected, you’ll always be ready to respond and take advantage of every opportunity.
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  15. 15. BY HAYS SALES. @Hays_Sales_UK