Magazine Construction


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Magazine Construction

  1. 1. Hayley Wilson
  2. 2. What you get on front covers
  3. 3. 1. Masthead 8. Selling Line or Banner Web-links? Ears? 9. Tagline 2. Plug 3. Graphic Feature or Puff 4. Secondary Lead 10. Feature Article Photo 11. Headline 12. Anchorage 13. Flash 5. Kicker 6. Cover Line 7. Caption 14. Menu Strip 15. Bar Code 16. Date Line
  4. 4. 1. Masthead 8. Selling Line or Banner Web-links? Ears? 9. Tagline 2. Kicker 3. Cover Line 10. Feature Article Photo 11. Secondary Lead 4. Headline 12. Anchorage 13. Plug 5. Menu Strip 6. Flash 7. Caption Graphic Feature or Puff 15. Bar Code 14. 16. Date Line
  5. 5. The Masthead on the Kerrang! Magazine looks like shattered glass, emphasising the idea of heavy rock music.  The interaction between the anchorage and the photo on the front cover of this magazine seems to have a slightly darker meaning hidden behind it.  The language used in the taglines, kickers and in general suggests quite a rough and irregular lifestyle.  Originally the left third of the front cover of a magazine was regarded as the most important, due to the way they were stacked on a shelf. It’s the main thing you would see. However, now the most important thing is usually in the centre of the magazine as it’s central catching the main of the viewers attention.  The type of language used is less limited than other magazines. They do not worry about offending the reader or the bands featured within the magazine itself. 
  6. 6. How front covers are conceived and laid out
  7. 7.      COLOUR – Across the Kerrang Magazines they mainly use Black, White and Red within their colour scheme. Though on the issue featuring Linkin Park, they also include Yellow. FONTS – They use the same font for the kickers and cover lines on the magazines, but then change the font to something new when in reference to the band featured on the magazine. This clearly makes each magazine different from one another. STYLE – The general style of Kerrang is that of a heavy metal rock magazine. It’s relatively dark and rough, and mainly features one person in the main image on the cover. Even the way the person has been dressed in the photo matches the style of the magazine. USE OF SPACE – On the Kerrang Magazine, the centre of the page is dominating the rest. Also, the masthead goes all the way across the top of the page, instead of keeping to the left. CONCLUDE – I believe the magazine is designed like this in order to create a sense of rebelliousness and danger. Similar to how the bands featured would express themselves.