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Adopting a Better Mindset in Yoga Practices


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Published in: Sports
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Adopting a Better Mindset in Yoga Practices

  1. 1. Adopting a Better Mindset in Yoga Practices By Hayley Ninnis
  2. 2. Introduction • A resident of southeastern Pennsylvania, Hayley Ninnis pursues a number of interests, including the study of psychology. In addition, Hayley Ninnis enjoys participating in yoga, a practice that is closely connected with psychological, emotional, and physical well-being. For people new to yoga, the series of poses and the challenging stretches may seem overwhelming. They may find themselves comparing themselves to others in the class, or feeling frustrated when failing to maintain a difficult pose. However, for ultimate enjoyment and benefits from yoga, it’s best to take a personal approach.
  3. 3. Yoga Practice • Yoga involves a person becoming more aware of his or her own body. Therefore, one should be respectful and understanding of one’s body’s limitations and only stretch far enough that the stretch feels good, instead of trying to be as flexible as another person in the class. Yoga should be a joyful experience, and it’s important to always be enjoying the moment, rather than trying to push oneself too far. To better stay present and get the most out of the practice, focus on one’s breathing and how one’s body is moving. Doing so allows for an opportunity to reflect.