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Meeting Week 1 - 30/09/11


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Meeting Week 1 - 30/09/11

  1. 1. 30/09/11 10am – 12pm Previous Notes – Group told on Wednesday 28th to research current news stories, groups and other interests to bring in which they thought would be a good documentary idea. <br />Objectives of the meeting <br /><ul><li>Sort group roles
  2. 2. Share and discuss documentary ideas and news articles.
  3. 3. Sign the sheet for lecture
  4. 4. Brain storm company names </li></ul>45720073025<br />Music <br />Speaking about musicians we may know to write music, Hayley knows a band in Maidstone and has a few friends studying music at Uni. Caz found a site called, with copyright free music. University orchestra, societies, choirs etc <br />Group Roles <br />(names next to roles are what people are interested in doing and not yet set officially) <br /><ul><li>Producer – Matt B, Hayley
  5. 5. DOP – Pete, Matt B
  6. 6. Lighting –
  7. 7. Art Design – Caz
  8. 8. Marketing – Paris, Hayley, Matt T
  9. 9. Sound – Matt B
  10. 10. Director – Matt B, Paris </li></ul>Documentary Ideas <br />Mixture of articles read that were interesting to individuals and ideas <br />- Eating Disorders<br />- Funds being cut to public sector <br />- Education and the future of Britain <br />- End of the world 2012 theory<br />- Takeaway fight in Winchester <br />- Bikers<br />- Hostel for the homeless being closed in Winchester <br />- Traveller eviction in Winchester (sight appearing by Olympic sight debate on <br /> what to do with them) <br />- How safe/ protected are we ? online, social networks. Was in the news about <br /> facebook having a tracking bug on users even after they had signed out of <br /> facebook. <br />- Murdoch <br />- Riots <br />- 80mph suggested as new speed limit <br />- The lost village of Imber <br />The group then discussed the following ideas <br />Traveller Eviction <br /><ul><li>Too faddish
  11. 11. Too easy to fall into conventional traps
  12. 12. Worried it will just be same old </li></ul>Imber – The Lost Village <br /><ul><li>Love this idea
  13. 13. Emotional
  14. 14. Possibility of archieve footage
  15. 15. Lovely idea of old footage being oevrlayed with current images to show a contrast
  16. 16. Human rights
  17. 17. Something most people won’t have heard of making it intresting
  18. 18. Not the sort of thing people think would happen in England
  19. 19. Possible interviews with campaigners and old residents
  20. 20. Only open on certain days to the public.
  21. 21. Emotional
  22. 22. Could follow someone’s story using a open day village as a reflection on what happened to them
  23. 23. Concerned as its owned by the MOD that filming will be very difficult
  24. 24. Needs researching </li></ul>Government Increase to 80mph <br /><ul><li>Could be boring
  25. 25. Speak to for and against and debate the idea
  26. 26. Speak to people who were involved in speeding accidents or lost loved ones</li></ul>2012 Theory <br /><ul><li>People will be more willing to be filmed as they will welcome the publicity
  27. 27. Interesting - especially to a student audience
  28. 28. Funny </li></ul>Filming Equipment/Style<br />Possibility of getting hands on DLSR’s mentioned in lecture <br />Would like to film on DSLR but have concerns about sound<br />DSLR lenses ? Could give us a style or a look <br />Group talked about why we thought Roadside won last year noticed key things <br /><ul><li>Being different but making sure that concept still works
  29. 29. Stylised
  30. 30. Emotion
  31. 31. Connecting with the audience
  32. 32. Interesting subject </li></ul>All of these things are extremely important and we think are key to having a good documentary. <br />Tasks for next week <br /><ul><li>Split into two groups and research the different ideas, see if filming is possible at Imber. Keeping eyes out for other potential ideas.
  33. 33. Think of ways which we could stylise the documentary
  34. 34. Look at documentaries, styles, angles, content etc