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Project Based Learning Power Point

This is a powerpoint used during a CI350 course focused on the role and importance of project based learning in 21st century education.

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Project Based Learning Power Point

  1. 1. PROJECT BASED LEARNING Haylee Franklin, Corrie Herrick, Jordan Graley
  2. 2. Project Based Learning— classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge Characteristics- Addresses real-life issues, has the teacher as the facilitator or coordinator, motivates the students, and encourages advanced thinking skills, and promotes collaboration between students. Importance- Students learn by doing, through questioning, inquiry, and critical thinking. Experts report that knowledge stays with students longer through PBL. Role in 21st Century Education- PBL makes school more like real-life and often results in deeper learning and engaged, self-directed learners.
  3. 3. 1. Robots- As we put together the robots we are taking different recycled items to create it. 2. YouTube- We created two YouTube videos ad a visual for our unit plan. 3. Unit Plan Poster- We used PowerPoint to create a poster to print in the LRC. 4. PowerPoint- We created a PowerPoint to go along with our unit plan containing a title page, analysis of the learners, main objective, day by day breakdown, use of technology, and work cited. 5. Desktop Publishing- We created two websites and added our PowerPoint and things such as a table, calendar…etc
  4. 4. MOVIE MAKER Technology gives students the opportunity to take their education into their own hands. For example, students can use a tool such as Movie Maker to aid not only in their understanding of a subject, but their classmates as well. By creating a movie about their current lesson, Movie Maker encourages students to communicate with each other and to learn to use new technology. Movie Maker is also an effective tool in evaluating a students understanding of key themes in a lesson.
  5. 5. PROJECT BASED LEARNING• Explores real-life problems • Encourages critical thinking • Results in self-directed learners • Challenges students to acquire deeper Edutopia: based- learning?gclid=Cj0KEQiAg7ayBRD8qqSGt- fj6uYBEiQAucjOwVSO8QXFUmoG9NigATPjz 9OYU1xXz_u2Fbf2MnaUQaAaAvrX8P8HAQ