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[Sydney Designers] Philippe Hong on "Working Remotely as a Designer"


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Philippe Hong (Senior Product Designer at KeyPay Cloud Payroll) shares his insights and processes when working remotely as a designer at a Sydney Designers event, hosted at Freelancer.

Published in: Design
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[Sydney Designers] Philippe Hong on "Working Remotely as a Designer"

  1. 1. PhilippeHong! Senior Product Designer Creative agencies " Airtasker 😎 Snappr 🚀 Vyte 👍 @ KeyPay
  2. 2. Insights and processes when working remote as a designer.
  3. 3. 43% Employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. According to the survey of more than 15,000 adults by Gallup
  4. 4. Why is working remotely interesting? How, as a Designer, can we work and collaborate in teams remotely?
  5. 5. Stress
  6. 6. More Freedom “Flexible” working schedule Freedom of working anywhere you want No Commute (public transport or driving)
  7. 7. Stress
  8. 8. Source PGi Report Stress
  9. 9. Productivity
  10. 10. Productivity Companies often think: Less Productive Employees under the radar No trust
  11. 11. Productivity “Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of the UK office workforce did not believe there was complete trust when working outside the office.” From a report by Microsoft for Anywhere Working Week
  12. 12. Productivity More Productive Working at the office doesn’t always mean you are being productive Impromptu meetings, loud colleagues, gossip all around the office 😕
  13. 13. Productivity From SurePayroll survey
  14. 14. Productivity “People don’t need to be shackled to their desks to be productive or to collaborate with their colleagues. Work should be a thing you do not a place you go. Flexible working is more about choosing a location that best suits your requirements to get the job done. This can mean working from a variety of locations during the day, be that on the move, a shared knowledge hub, a coffee shop, a remote office or at home if need be.” Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft
  15. 15. Communication
  16. 16. Communication Communication online is much harder Learn a new way to adapt & communicate Communication at the office is easy Main downside of Remote working Fight lack of communication
  17. 17. Communication 1. Daily Updates Today in Design I will be doing … and will start working on … with X.
  18. 18. Communication 2. Checking in/out: 9am: Good morning everyone! 2pm: I am out now for a coffee with a friend - will be back in around 1 hour or so. 3pm: I am back. 6pm: Heading out now. I achieved X but didn’t got to Y because Z. Good night everyone!
  19. 19. Communication 3. Share things/Ask questions: Everyone is involved Less group effect / less silo effect Promote cross sharing and cross communication
  20. 20. Tools
  21. 21. Tools Communication Project Management Design Prototype/ Assets Brand management File management Google Doc
  22. 22. Remote Working around the world Basecamp Doist Buffer InVision Zapier Trello
  23. 23. Interesting tools to look at Basecamp Twist app Notion app
  24. 24. Thanks