Predicting sales performance using psychometric assessment


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Talent Q’s Dimensions provides a cost-effective way to measure the capability of sales staff, especially when assessing large numbers in revenue-critical roles.

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Predicting sales performance using psychometric assessment

  1. 1. Hay Group and Talent Q | November 2010Selecting the bestTwo recent studies demonstrate the contributionthat a carefully chosen personality test can maketo the tricky business of predicting performance– especially when in-depth assessments ofbehavior are too difficult or costly to carry out.Talent Q ran assessments with employeesin sales roles – 60 in telecoms and 29 in apharmaceutical company – and compared theresulting predictions with employees’actualperformance against sales targets.The test chosen was Dimensions, an onlineassessment that measures the key, work-relatedaspects of personality covered by a rangeof other personality measures. Participantsundertook a single assessment that exploredhow they approached tasks, how they managedrelationships and what motivated them.With an added value figure ranging from $70k to$170k per employee, set against an assessmentcost of under $150, the findings providedreassurance that psychometrics offer a pragmaticand prudent solution.Predicting sales performanceTalent Q’s Dimensions provides cost-effective assessmentTalent Q’s Dimensions provides a cost-effective way to measurethe capability of sales staff, especially when assessing largenumbers in revenue-critical roles.n The pharmaceutical sales professionals whowere predicted to be higher performersachieved 7 per cent higher sales against target.n Predicted higher performers in the telecomscompany sold 11 per cent more than lowerperformers and 14 per cent higher than target.©2010 Hay Group. All rights reservedTalent Q assessmentswere developed byRoger Holdsworth,pioneer in work-basedpsychometric testing.Lower performers Higher performers(as predicted by Dimensions assessment)1009080706050Pharmaceutical sales roles: percentage of target achievedLower performers Higher performers(as predicted by Dimensions assessment)180017001600150014001300120011001000Telecoms sales roles: actual sales achieved ($’000s)
  2. 2. Hay Group and Talent Q | November 2010Supporting every stage of thetalent lifecycleDimensions works by measuring behavioralpreferences. It explores how individuals approachtasks, how they manage relationships with othersand what drives them. An individual’s preferencesdo not guarantee that he or she will behave in acertain way, but they do indicate those behaviorsthat are more comfortable; that an individual ismore likely to demonstrate.What sets Dimensions apart is its versatility.A single assessment can generate multiple reportsfor use across all stages of the talent lifecycle:Recruiting – accurate hiring decisions andfaster, more efficient recruitment processes.Identifying high potential – a range of employeedata to feed into talent pipeline management.Personal development – insights aboutindividuals’personalities, strengths anddevelopment needs that inform the bestdevelopment options.Team building – individual and group-baseddata that illustrate the strengths and weaknessesof a team as a whole, pointing to how it canbest be developed.Development and coaching of leaders andmanagers – deep insight into the qualitiesthat help – and inhibit – leadership growth.Comprehensive training needs analysis –Dimensions can be used alongside Hay Group’sclassic assessments – leadership styles, teamclimate, competencies, EI or motives – to givean in-depth combination of personality andbehavioral data.Further information and supportFor more information about Dimensions and Elements, and their use and applications contactyour local Hay Group office or go to:www.atrium.haygroup.comGlobal agreementbrings two additionalassessments toHay Group’s clients:Elements:an ability test thatmeasures numerical,logical and verbalreasoningDimensions:a comprehensiveassessment thatmeasures most ofthe key aspects ofpersonality coveredin other tests.About Hay GroupHay Group is a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategyinto reality. We develop talent, organize people to be more effective and motivate them to performat their best. Our focus is on making change happen and helping people and organizations realizetheir potential.We have over 2600 employees working in 85 offices in 49 countries. Our clients are from the private,public and not-for-profit sectors, across every major industry. For more information please contactyour local office through©2010 Hay Group. All rights reserved