Employee Effectiveness Survey


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Some surveys ask employees how they feel - how motivated or engaged they are at work. Some ask about the factors that help or hinder their work. The Employee Effectiveness Survey (EES) is unique because it does both.

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Employee Effectiveness Survey

  1. 1. Employee Effectiveness Survey Some surveys ask employees how they feel – how motivated or engagedKey they are at work. Some ask about the factors that help or hinder their work.features The Employee Effectiveness Survey (EES) is unique because it does both. EES is a powerful, off-the-shelf tool, it helps you measure and analyse the levels of engagement and enablement your employees are experiencing. It presents these comprehensive findings in a clear, organization-wide report and it shows how engagement and enablement levels vary across the organization. The results from the EES will give you the critical information you need to identify the factors preventing employees from performing at their best. And by addressing these barriers to performance, your organization can then create a more positive environment, which leads to quantifiable business improvement. The benefits n t identifies I barriers to performance. your results against a choice of 80 separate The EES is based on extensive research benchmarks including 59 country norms, conducted by Hay Group that proves 23 major industry groups and our high engagement alone does not drive employee performing company benchmark. So, you can performance. Employees also need to be see how your employee effectiveness stacks enabled. In other words, placed in the right up against your competitors. role and given a supportive environment n he T detailed reporting saves you valuable with no significant barriers to performance. time and resources, leaving you free to act By identifying any barriers that do exist on the results you can then work towards creating a more productive working environment n t is I cost effective and delivers results to improve bottom line performance quickly. As an online, off-the-shelf product, EES is a quick and easy way for you to access n offers It benchmark comparisons against Hay Group’s well respected methodology. a global database of 4 million people in hundreds of organizations. You can interpret The return on your investment measures proven It Over the past 35 years, over research has shown that when high levels of employee engagement are drivers of employee combined with high levels of employee enablement, organizations achieve significantly improved results. performance It offers benchmark High engagement only High engagement comparisons + high enablement Employee performance It is cost effective and Increase above performance expectations 10% 50% delivers results quickly Employee retention Reduction in turnover rates -40% -54% It provides detailed Customer satisfaction and easy to understand Customer satisfaction rates 71% 89% reporting Finanical success 5–year revenue growth x2.5 x4.5 Source: Based on linkage case studies using Hay Group’s global normative database©2012 Hay Group. All rights reserved
  2. 2. How does it work?The surveyThe process is simple and easy to implement. Employees n survey responses by your key demographicsrespond to an online survey which measures engagement and n employee effectiveness profiles by your key demographicsenablement and 12 other contributing drivers. n questions that elicited the most favorable and most the unfavorable responsesThe database n survey results for all questions.The survey responses are compared with your choice ofbenchmarks – representing 23 major industry groups and You can also request additional internal demographic reports which59 country norms – drawn from a global norm database use an ‘internal benchmark’ so that you can see how a particularof 4 million people in hundreds of organizations. business unit or team compares to your whole organization. SupportThe results You will have a dedicated account manager who will assistThe survey results are presented in a report which will equip you with setting up the survey and with employee participationyou with a complete view of: and report delivery. And a comprehensive guide to runningn your employees’ response rates a successful survey provides tips to help you communicate withn engagement and enablement results employees throughout the process and turn your results into effective, sustainable action plans.Employee Effectiveness framework Engagement Drivers Clear and promising direction Confidence in leaders Quality and customer focus Engagement Financial success Respect and recognition Development opportunities Pay and benefits Employee effectiveness Retention Enablement Drivers Performance management Authority and empowerment Employee performance Resources Enablement Training Collaboration Work, structure and processThe survey responses To find out more about Employee Effectiveness andare compared to your how your organization couldchoice of benchmarks. benefit please contact us e productized.services@haygroup.com w www.atrium.haygroup.com©2012 Hay Group. All rights reserved