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II-SDV 2017: Spotting the Stars in your Galaxy of Patent Data


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Analysis and visualisation of a “galaxy” of patent data can present challenges in being able to spot the “stars”. Being able to drawn meaningful conclusions from any patent landscape relies on the quality and comprehensiveness of the data input, as well as having features and functionality to visualize the landscape accurately and being able to focus on an area of interest.

Delivered from the perspective of an experienced patent analyst, we will use case studies to discuss the challenges in creating a meaningful patent landscape and the recent innovative features and functionality in PatBase which can help, including:

Using Analytics for customised, multidimensional analysis and to visually compare multiple datasets.
Text-mining to automatically identify and highlight chemical, physical, genetic and medical concepts within any full text patent.
Being able to efficiently identify the exact location of a chemical entity anywhere in the full text.
The ability to easily review and filter patent citations based on their relevance, origin and assignee.

This presentation will demonstrate how any user can benefit from the innovative features and functionality in PatBase to interrogate and visualize the patent landscape for any technical area.

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II-SDV 2017: Spotting the Stars in your Galaxy of Patent Data

  1. 1. Spotting the stars in your galaxy of patent data!! II-SDV 2017, Nice, France Robert Poolman
  2. 2. Agenda • Efficient and effective patent landscaping using PatBase – Background and Challenges – Methodology – Case studies – Features of PatBase to aid patent landscaping: • PatBase Analytics V2 New • TextMine • Citation Explorer – Conclusion and Summary
  3. 3. Background and Challenges • What is a patent landscape? “Patent landscape reports provide a snap-shot of the patent situation of a specific technology, either within a given country or region, or globally” (Source: WIPO) • Challenges:
  4. 4. Methodology • Subject matter investigation • Compile search strategy • Keywords • Classifications • Run initial basic search • Analyse and optimise strategy • Visualize and review • Draw conclusions……..
  5. 5. Some Key Questions • Is this a growing area of interest? • What are the fields of current interest? • Who are the key players? • What are the key jurisdictions where patents are being filed? • Who are the “key opinion leaders” in this field? • What is the legal status of the families in this area?
  6. 6. Case Study – part 1 Reverse Osmosis
  7. 7. Features • PatBase Thesaurus
  8. 8. Features • Classification finder
  9. 9. Features • Non-Latin search
  10. 10. Features • Try something different - Semantic Search US2010270237 Abstract US2010270237 Abstract
  11. 11. • Is this a growing area of interest?
  12. 12. • What are the fields of current interest?
  13. 13. • What are the fields of current interest?
  14. 14. • What are the fields of current interest?
  15. 15. • Who are the key players in this area?
  16. 16. • What are the key jurisdictions?
  17. 17. • Who are the key assignees in those jurisdictions?
  18. 18. • Who are the “key opinion leaders” in this area?
  19. 19. • What is the legal status of the families in this area?
  20. 20. Conclusions • Growing patent landscape • Key players • Kurita Water, GE, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Ecolab, Toray etc • Includes a number of Chinese Universities • Top jurisdictions: • WO, CN, US, EP, KR, JP • ~60% of patents are “alive” • Actively being pursued • Top fields of interest: water purification, water quality, methodology to desalinate water
  21. 21. Case Study – part 2 Reverse Osmosis
  22. 22. • Analytics of Forward citations of Desalitech patent portfolio Forward Citations Desalitech Portfolio • 6 patent families filed from 2005-2016 • Top 5 Jurisdictions: US, CN, IN, PCT, EP • Top IPC/CPC: C02F (Water Treatment), B01D (Physical/chemical Processes)
  23. 23. Features • Citation Explorer
  24. 24. Features • TextMine - Learn from others disclosures
  25. 25. Conclusions • Citation analysis is useful competitive intelligence: • Helps identify key competitors • Helps identify potential collaborators • Helps identify potential infringers • Citation analysis can help identify valuable IP in your portfolio • Advanced Highlighting and TextMine • Allows focussed and rapid analysis of patent full text • Allows you to learn from others disclosures
  26. 26. Summary PatBase Thesaurus PatBase Thesaurus Classification Finder Classification Finder Citation Explorer Citation Explorer TextMineTextMine Semantic Searching Semantic Searching Non-Latin Searching Non-Latin Searching
  27. 27. Thank you