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II-SDV 2017: Search Technologies


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For over 30 years, Search Technology, Inc. has helped our customers turn information into knowledge.  We provide software tools and services that extract more value from patent, scientific, technical and business databases.  Our primary product, VantagePoint, helps you rapidly understand and navigate through search results, giving you a better perspective - a better vantage point - on your information.  Discover why many of today’s Fortune 100 companies use VantagePoint to help them succeed.  VantagePoint is Serious Software for Serious Professionals

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II-SDV 2017: Search Technologies

  1. 1. Nils Newman | II-SDV 2017 New Ideas in VantagePoint
  2. 2. Desktop software for turning Information into Knowledge Desktop software for turning Information into Knowledge What is VantagePoint?
  3. 3. What’s new for 2017
  4. 4. VantagePoint v10 Release Date 19 May 2017
  5. 5. VantagePoint v10 Completely New User Interface
  6. 6. New Visualizations • Improved Matrix Viewer • New Network Maps • Visualizations exportable as standalone html files
  7. 7. New Technology
  8. 8. VP v10 Now with AI
  9. 9. Find Similar Records • Click the icon to find similar records – You control the training features – Similarity score displayed on each record
  10. 10. VantagePoint Autoclassifier Record Classification now learns as you tag documents – Select your own training features – Start classifying documents based on your expertise – The autoclassifier learns in the background – The autoclassifier will let you know when it is smart enough to tag the remaining records
  11. 11. 1.770.441.1457