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II-SDV 2017: Minesoft


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The Company  
Minesoft, founded in 1996, develops patent information services and solutions, linking technical, legal, bibliographic and full text patent information for patent professionals and research specialists.
Minesoft's products and services are used by leading corporations, national Patent Offices, patent attorneys and law firms globally.
Minesoft develops fast, effective document delivery solutions, a range of competitive intelligence services including patent alerting and monitoring tools, a patent family & legal status portal delivering the latest data for over 40 countries, a searchable patent database of over 48 million records, patent archiving, advanced viewing tools and more.
In May 2003, Minesoft and RWS announced their agreement to develop PatBase, a new searchable patent database designed by experts in the complex art of search and retrieval of patent information. The first public demonstrations of PatBase in November 2003 received critical acclaim from expert patent searchers for the intuitive and feature-rich interface. PatBase is a comprehensive new search resource for patent and R&D specialists worldwide, covering 100 countries.

Organised into extended patent families, each invention is represented by one individual record, making it easy to see in which countries a filing for patent protection has been made. PatBase is an ideal resource for conducting daily patent & technology searches. Rapid delivery of competitive intelligence, integrated searchable full text, PDF delivery and legal status reports bring PatBase to the forefront of today's searchable patent information tools. PatBase is regularly updated with new data and new search features and is now established as a leading patent resource.

PatBase Express, developed in partnership with RWS and released March 2006, provides an easy-to-use end-user corporate-wide solution. PatBase Express allows the most up-to-date scientific research and competitor information contained in patent documents to be accessed throughout an organisation.
Minesoft products can be customised to individual corporate requirements.

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II-SDV 2017: Minesoft

  1. 1. II-SDV conference Nice 23-26 April 2017 Florent Mallard Product Review
  2. 2. Specialists in Patent Information Building Intelligent Patent Information Solutions since 1996 What we do Trusted by IP experts Worldwide Corporations, National Patent Offices, Patent Attorneys and Patent Search Firms worldwide International Customer Support Global client base, including USA, Germany, Japan, India and Israel
  3. 3. Products and Services
  4. 4. Data Enhancements • Faster updating for Japanese full text and bibliographic data • Israeli Designs • German D1 Publications added • New Full Text: • Austria • Netherlands • Eurasian Patent Office • Monaco • Luxemburg • Morocco • New Zealand • Portugal • US litigation Data • ARIPO • Tunisia • Chile • Mexico • Serbia • Ireland • Moldova • African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) • German Democratic Republic
  5. 5. New Semantic search
  6. 6. New PatBase Thesaurus
  7. 7. New Non-Patent Literature module
  8. 8. PatBase Express Enhanced • Updated design on any screen size • Search NPL sources at the same time as your patent search • Updated interface • Corporate “Alerts” feature added • New Thesaurus
  9. 9. Flexible search options Limit search to claims or by country Search chemical terminology Full Structure drawing capability
  10. 10. • Database of chemical entities extracted from full text and images of patents • Text mining of exemplified chemical entities • Mining of images from US patents and applications from 2001 • Structure and keyword searchable • Coverage: • >12m unique chemicals from >10m full text documents • English text: WO, EP, US, GB, AU, IL and IN • French text: EP, FR • German text: EP, DE • Non-Latin text: JP, CN, KR • Updated daily • Seamlessly linked to PatBase
  11. 11. Pat-KM • Customer specific fields designed and made searchable • Separate database of customer specific data accessed alongside PatBase data • Integrated Workflow - further classify, annotate and distribute data • Records can be tagged directly and shared with specific groups • Rights Management - control the access to certain fields only or entire archive • Built-in Alerts notify users of newly tagged results based on specific criteria for accurate, fast distribution • New “Snapshot” visualises tagged records
  12. 12. Pat-KM
  13. 13. Head Office (London) Boston House Little Green Richmond-Upon-Thames TW9 1QE Tel: +44 (0)20 8404 0651 Customer Helpdesk Tel: +44 (0)20 8404 0655 General email enquiries: Support email: Düsseldorf Office Brunnenstrasse 19 40223 Düsseldorf Tel: +49 (0)211 1596 2226 Customer Helpdesk: +49 (0)211 7495 0930 Email: Thank You