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II-SDV 2017: How Visualisation of Open Patent Data can help with Strategic Decisions


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Market overview of patent information analytics, my take on strategic decsions, which data sources, and a live demo of, how to visualize open patent information with Tableau 10.

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II-SDV 2017: How Visualisation of Open Patent Data can help with Strategic Decisions

  1. 1. • +49 172 5119844 founder/ceo of moving targets consulting gmbh • arndtstrasse 34 • 10965 berlin • germany project sheldon
  2. 2. agenda data science strategic decisions data sources
  3. 3. regional technology trends? region: federal states of germany technology: ipc/cpc
  4. 4. patent information analytics? from commercial provider
  5. 5. information analytics tools? from commercial provider or non-profit/public authorities
  6. 6. business intelligence tools? general purpose tools, only sample data and viz, connections to sql, api, etc.
  7. 7. tool selection criteria diy freemium general purpose
  8. 8. agenda data science strategic decisions data sources
  9. 9. no news? digital transformation computing costs less and less info tech industry matures the it / ip expert becomes a data expert innovation is a challenge to the status quo (inspired by Rob Thomas)
  10. 10. strategy? is a pattern in a stream of decisions (Henry Mintzberg)
  11. 11. important decisions? perception + recognition = insight (Inspired by Götz Werner)
  12. 12. evidential experience? visualized linked data can create insights and better strategic decisons (Inspired by Götz Werner)
  13. 13. agenda data science strategic decisions data sources
  14. 14. data sources open laptop no dev
  15. 15. data sources / patstat / open patent services raw data from epo, dpma, us, etc… normalized data from e.g. ificlaims, … or our service at
  16. 16. patent search engine
  17. 17. patent search engine elasticsearch api for query translation/mapping annotations, aggregations statistics, visualization
  18. 18. patent publication store
  19. 19. patent publication store raw and normalized bib data fulltext (de, ep) and images download and api on site: de, ep, us, wo, jp, kp, at on demand: depatis, ops
  20. 20. depatech micro services cds content delivery services dqt deparom query translator dsc deparom storage client
  21. 21. data + search = services
  22. 22. data acquisition live demo!
  23. 23. visualization connect data sources join them meaningfully explore & analyze
  24. 24. vizualisation live demo!
  25. 25. summary
  26. 26. open patent data todays commercial provider are making money by restricting the access to the data, the source code, the api’s and software. this will change!
  27. 27. open patent data is not about free services, but free data! you can always charge for the service you deliver, if this creates value for others. tools are no shortcuts!
  28. 28. open patent data if there would be open patent data, the tools to use them, are already in the hands of your users!
  29. 29. big thanks to: mustafa çakır and my team at mtc, especially &
  30. 30. for links and sample wf & viz please drop me a mail: