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II-SDV 2017: Centredoc


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CENTREDOC was created in 1964 as the technical information center of the swiss watchmaking industry. Building on a strong team of engineers, CENTREDOC now offers a complete range of services and solutions for the monitoring of strategic, technological and competitive information. CENTREDOC is also a leader in the research of patent, technical and business intelligence, and offers consulting expertise in the implementation of monitoring solutions.

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II-SDV 2017: Centredoc

  1. 1. CENTREDOC Business Intelligence at your fingertips
  2. 2. CENTREDOC in 4 numbers 53 CENTREDOC has been created 53 years ago by the Swiss Watch Industry as a shared ressource for Technology Monitoring. 32 CENTREDOC is a cooperative with 32 members. Some of them: Swatch Group, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Nestlé and the CSEM. 15 CENTREDOC counts15 collaborators specialised in technology monitoring and strategic innovation support services. 150 CENTREDOC annualy serves more than 150 customers. Some of them : Nestlé, Swatch, Essilor, Sanofi, Scott Sport and armasuisse.
  3. 3. Sources + Processes + Softwares BI= Business Intelligence
  4. 4. We offer Ressources Access to a large number of professionnal sources (Minesoft, Questel, Thomson Reuters, ..) Expertise Our experts in information search and analysis, technology monitoring and innovation coaching are here to help. Tools We develop our own Innovation Portal for more than 10 years, with our customers. Support Expert processes setup and training.
  5. 5. Searches Patents, Publications, Web Patents
  6. 6. Monitoring Patents, Publications, Web
  7. 7. Training Seminar & corporate training
  8. 8. Coaching Innovation & Strategic coaching
  9. 9. Securized 100% proprietary | Swiss hosted Compatible Patents | Publications | Internal data Collaborative Categorize | Share | Comment | Workflow Evolutive Customisation | Hosting
  10. 10. Search Monitor Collaborate Share
  11. 11. Search SECURED DocDB in your private cloud MIXED DATA Mixe free data with professional ones ARCHIVE Private archive with access rights
  12. 12. Monitor AUTOMATE Collect new data automatically VISUALISE Visual dashboard User friendly interface DISTRIBUTE Share taillor-made results
  13. 13. Collaborate ANALYSE Multiple forms for your experts CONTRIBUTE Add your own information and reports CONTROL Set access rights for each user
  14. 14. Share SWISS CLOUD Restrictive law regarding fishing discoveries WORKFLOW Create information flow for a fluid treatment CUSTOMIZE Give to each one the right information In the right form
  16. 16. Business Intelligence since 1964 Thank you Visit our Booth