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Icic2012 programme0912

  1. 1. ICIC 201214 - 17 OCTOBER . BERLINThe International Conference on Trendsfor Scientific Information Professionals © W. Gerhartz www.icic.eu
  2. 2. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin ICIC 2012 - The Meeting ICIC is the International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals.ICIC International Conference for the Information CommunityFor those in the sci-tech world, sharing best practices, networking and evaluating trends have become matters of considerableimportance, and the annual ICIC Meeting & Exhibition is the significant forum for this, attracting over 200 attendees fromthe main sci-tech companies and information, service or software providers.Started in 1989...These exciting and highly respected annual conferences, that started in Montreux in 1989 and were subsequently held inAnnecy, Nîmes, Barcelona, Nice and Vienna, have always provided a barometer as to the strengths and frailties of the worldof sci-tech and patent information.The conference lasts for two and a half days and features approximately 24 formal presentations, panels on topical matters,all interspersed with short new product information presentations. All sessions are plenary. The conference normally beginswith a reception on the first evening to enable attendees to begin to network with each other, and has a cocktail party on thesecond evening. Lunches are taken at the conference venue, and breaks are designed to facilitate networking and interaction.A focused exhibition of approximately 25 stands is integrated within the conference. Attendance at these meetings is highlyinternational, with no one nationality predominating.The 2012 ICIC conference is organised by Dr Haxel Congress and Event Management.Subject Areas for the 2012 ProgrammeThe traditional focus of the ICIC programmes is subjects of interest to information professionals in a scientific or technicalenvironment. As in previous years, this year’s programme contains a number of presentations examining aspects of patentinformation retrieval, including drug discovery; patent information presents many challenges and is thus an excellent test-bedwhen it comes to information technology. The ICIC meeting’s roots in chemical information also ensure that that area featuresprominently; chemical information was one of the first fields to attract modern information technologies back at the end of thenineteenth century and the very beginning of the twentieth.The 2012 ICIC will take place at the Andel‘s Hotel, BerlinThe Andel’s Hotel Berlin makes it all possible: trade fairs, concerts and balls but also automotive or company presentationsand small informal meetings - no matter if you are expecting 10 or 3,000 people: in one of the biggest meeting and congresshotels in the German capital, the possibilities are endless!The 4-star deluxe Andel’s Hotel Berlin is situated near historical Alexanderplatz square in the eastern part of the city Berlin –the perfect starting position to easily and comfortably visit the sights and attractions.Address: Landsberger Allee 106, D-10369 Berlin, Germany,E-Mail: info@andelsberlin.com, Tel.: +49 30 453 053 0, Fax: +49 30 453 053 2099
  3. 3. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin Why should you attendWho should attend the ICIC conference?The ICIC meeting is of importance for all professionals involved in the information world, be they workers or managers ininformation departments, information application developers, or patent specialists. The fact that the conference has alwaysattracted an enthusiastic audience every year since 1989 testifies to its long-term success as an international focal point forprofessionals in the information domain.Why should you attend?• A three-day (with workshops) concentration on one clearly defined subject area enables you to improve and hone your skills and to examine possible new ideas. Attending the presentations, and interacting with the speakers, will update you with the best practices and technologies at the moment.• You will be amongst colleagues who confront similar challenges to those you face and you can benefit from each others’ experiences. Interaction with the expert speakers and with specialists in the exhibition will provide you with a fresh source of facts and ideas. You will network with other professionals from leading international corporations and research centres in the field of professional information, and information technology.• Social networking via electronic media such as Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter enables you to interact with large numbers of people in your subject area. But face-to-face contact such as you will find at the ICIC “family” meeting, including the many meals and receptions taken together, remains unrivalled when it comes to exploring ideas informally and evaluating the experiences and views of others.• The knowledge of best practice for finding, analysing and understanding the contents of information such as that found in patents or in business news is the principal way to anticipate and understand what your organisation’s competitors are doing or may be planning to do.• Increasingly in the modern world, hard work is the key to success. But unless hard work is complemented by superior skills and professional know-how, hard work alone will not enable companies to survive and thrive. You need to take every opportunity to enhance your professionalism, and this focused information meeting provides such an opportunity. You can then take the new knowledge you have acquired back to your colleagues in the office. You will become an increasingly credible partner for your managers and will be involved in many of their decisions. © W. Gerhartz
  4. 4. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin SponsorsSureChem InfoChemis sponsoring the is sponsoringConference Dinner the Coffee BreaksLighthouse IP GROUP Linguamaticsis sponsoring is sponsoringthe Conference the lunchesWelcome Dinner on Monday and TuesdayBizInt minesoftis sponsoring is sponsoring thethe printed receptionConference ProgrammeEvolvus Molecular Connectionsis sponsoring is sponsoring thethe conference wallets conference buses Exhibitors
  5. 5. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin Exhibition Plan EntrEntr ance ance INTELLEXIR LexisNexis Linguamatics Lighthouse IP RightsDirect ChemAxon Parthys Reverse Informatics Infonortics max.recall Dotmatics minesoft Coffee Springer QWAM InfoChem Thomson Reuters FIZ STELLARIX Karlsruhe FIZ Chemie Europatent Sagacious Research Research Fairview Treparel Dolcera CAS SureChem Questel BizInt Exhibitors
  6. 6. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin Programme Sunday 14 OCTOBER MONday 15 OCTOBER09.00 09 am Starts at 09:00 • Welcome • Mobile Chemistry – The Changing World of Chemical Information - David A Evans (Elsevier Properties, CH) • The Many Elements to the Article of the Future - Jason Wilde (Nature, UK)10.00 10 am • Smarter Content Delivery - Apps for Chemistry Anirban Mudi, Jignesh Bhate (Molecular Connections, IN) • New Product Introductions - Questel / Digital-Science / Minesoft11.00 10:55 - 11:10 - Exhibition and Networking Break - All Coffee breaks 11 am sponsored by InfoChem • The Recent Evolution and the Future Trends of Patent Landscape in China and Asia - Lulin Gao (East IP, CN) • Making Sense of China’s Information Explosion: A Review of Information12.00 Sources and Analysis Techniques that can Help Address the Challenges 12 noon Robert Stembridge (Thomson Scientific, UK) • IP5 - Projects, Status and Future Plans - Nelson Das Neves (EPO, DE) • New Product Introductions - Parthys Reverse Informatics / Linguamatics / BizInt / QWAM Content Intelligence13.00 01 pm 13:00 - 14:45 - Lunch, Exhibition and Networking - Lunch sponsored by Linguamatics14.00 02 pm • The Linguistic Freedom and the Pain of Searching - Hans-Christof Wilk (Henkel, DE)15.00 03 pm 15:00 - 16:30 • Maximizing Quality and Efficiency of Patent Information in a Divisionalised, Workshop Global Pharmaceutical Company - Robert Poolman (Novartis, UK) • Creating Future Interfaces to Library Services - Morten Christoffersen 15:00 - 18:00 Registration Thomson Reuters (Novo Nordisk, DK) • New Product Introduction: InfoChem / LexisNexis / INTELLIXIR16.00 04 pm 16:30 - 16.45 - Exhibition and Networking Break 16:45 - 17:45 17.00 • New Product Presentation: Dolcera / Sagacious Research 05 pm Workshop Questel • Chemistry Connect: AstraZeneca’s cheminformatics platform for large-scale integration of structure and bioactivity data - Sorel Muresan (AstraZeneca, SE) • ChEMBL - A Large-scale Bioactivity and Drug Discovery Resource18.00 John P. Overington (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK) 06 pm 18:00 - 19:00 Workshop minesoft19.00 07 pm 19:15 - 19:30 Welcome Reception - sponsored by minesoft 19:30 - 22:00 20.00 08 pm Welcome Dinner - sponsored by Lighthouse IP Group
  7. 7. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin Programme TUESday 16 OCTOBER Wednesday 17 OCTOBER09.00 09 am Starts at 09:00 Starts at 09:00 • A chemical company’s view and expectations on • The IBM Patent Data Donation to NIH, and its Markush structure searching - Peter Geyer (BASF, DE) Integration in the NCI/CADD Database and Web • The Future Role of Online Hosts - Will Values of Today Services - Marc Nicklaus (NIH, USA) be Valued Tomorrow? - Rainer Stuike-Prill (FIZ Karlsruhe, DE) • Opening Patent Chemistry to the Scientific Community10.00 10 am • New Product Introductions: CAS / ThomsonReuters / Nicko Goncharoff (SureChem, UK) Lighthouse IP • A View of Recent Computer Aided Synthesis Developments - Mike Hutchings, Heinz Saller, Hans Kraut, 10:20 - 10:35 - Exhibition and Networking Break Peter Loew (InfoChem, DE) • The 2012 ICIC Host Panel - Online Hosts in 2012 - 10:30 - 11:00 - Exhibition and Networking Break11.00 11 am A Dying Breed or the Future of Access to Scholarly Information - Randall Marcinko (MEI, USA) • Enhancing the User Experience for Wiley Chemistry • New Product Introductions: dotmatics / Treparel / Content - Reinhard Neudert (Wiley, DE) EUROPATENT / Stellarix / Springer • Social Design, Cloud Computing, Crowd Sourcing and the Patent Information Industry - Arne Krüger (MTC, DE)12.00 12 noon 2012 Meeting ends at approximately 12:30 12:30 - 14:30 - Lunch, Exhibition and Networking - Lunch sponsored by Linguamatics13.00 01 pm • Boosting the Accuracy of Patent Valuation Methodologies - Giuditta De Prato, Daniel Nepelski14.00 (European Commission, ES) 02 pm • Why Evaluating Patents And How? Economic Aspects of Patent Portfolios and Economic Ways of Rating them - Dierk-Oliver Kiehne (IPR-Systems, DE) • A Transparent and Secure Market for Patents: Why15.00 and How? - Patrick Terroir (CDC Intellectual Property, FR) 03 pm • New Product Introductions - FIZ Karlsruhe / STN / Fairview / Max.recall / ChemAxon / RightsDirect16.00 04 pm 16:30 - 16:45 - Exhibition and Networking Break17.00 • Software Assisted Mental Representations of 05 pm Chemistry Information Retrieval Tasks - Stefan Härtinger (EPO, DE) • Text Mining Patents at Scale: Challenges and Successes - David Milward (Linguamatics, UK)18.00 06 pm19.00 07 pm 19:00 Buses leave for Conference Dinner 19:30 Conference Dinner - sponsored by SureChem20.00 08 pm
  8. 8. ICIC 2012 14 - 17 OCTOBER . Berlin Networking ProgrammeAll registered ICIC participants are invited to join our Berlin Networking Programme. Welcome Reception Sunday, 14 October sponsored by minesoft Conference Welcome Dinner Sunday, 14 October sponsored by Sponsor Lighthouse IP Group Conference lunches Monday and Tuesday sponsored by Linguamatics Conference Dinner Tuesday 16 October sponsored by SureChem Coffee Breaks All Coffee Breaks (during the conference) sponsored by Infochem ICIC 2013 13 - 16 October Wien ©WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud
  9. 9.         
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