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ICIC 2016: New Product Introduction REPRINTS DESK


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Reprints Desk improves how journal articles and clinical reprints are accessed, procured, and legally used in evidence-based promotions, medical affairs, and scientific, technical, and medical (STM) research. More than 70 percent of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies in the world rely on services powered by Reprints Desk. Article Galaxy™, the company’s cloud-based software solution gives customers instant access to full-text journal articles, helping them to create and speed discoveries, save time and money, and remain copyright-compliant. Organizations fueled by intellectual property choose Reprints Desk because of its collaborative business approach, efficient article supply system and services, and commitment to quality post-sales support. Reprints Desk has ranked #1 in every Document Delivery Vendor Scorecard from industry analyst and advisory firm Outsell Inc. since 2008. For more information about Reprints Desk, visit

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ICIC 2016: New Product Introduction REPRINTS DESK

  1. 1. Article Galaxy Widget Go From Search to Full-Text Articles in a Single Click on Google Scholar or PubMed ICIC, Heidelberg, Oct 17th – 18th 2016
  2. 2. Simplifying Scientific Literature Access
  3. 3. Types of Content Acquisition & Rental Digital and scanned copies of: ▪ Published articles & supplementary materials ▪ Papers from conference proceedings ▪ Pre-press articles ▪ Book chapters ▪ Engineering standards ▪ And more
  4. 4. Article Galaxy Widget – PubMed Search After running a search in Pubmed or Google Scholar, your staff can simply click on the Article Galaxy Widget
  5. 5. Articles Extracted and Available in Minutes Pulls in free web content, plus will recognize any e-journal subscriptions you may have purchased Low cost purchase options for external content, e.g. rental price here is $ 15.50 for three days
  6. 6. Now Available – Altmetric Visualizations
  7. 7. Altmetric Visualization
  8. 8. • Extracts citations lists from your preferred discovery sites for simplified viewing • Accessible via any internet browser and injected from the bookmark bar • Works on 50+ web sites, including and • Filters citations by subscriptions, Open Access, rentals, and more • Includes Altmetric badges for the attention an article received online • Features shopping-cart like access to full-text articles at lowest, legal cost Article Galaxy Widget – Summary
  9. 9. Thank You Learn More and Take a Video Tour: or visit our stand here at ICIC 2016!