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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions Search Technology (vantage point)


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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions Search Technology (vantage point)

  1. 1. What is VantagePoint? VantagePoint is serious analysis software for transforming information into actionable intelligence 2
  2. 2. What is in VantagePoint? Importing VantagePoint has industry leading tools for analyzing a wide range of structured text data Reporting Automation Cleaning Analytics 3
  3. 3. New in VP Version 8 Improved performance Improved usability New Features New Visualizations
  4. 4. New Automation Super Profile 5
  5. 5. Super Profile One Button Launch Save report templates Profile in VP or Excel
  6. 6. Why Super Profile? • Customizable  You get to decide what goes in your table • Flexible  20 different column types including graphics and calculations • Repeatable  No limit to the number of table formats you can create and save • Distributable  Create tables that others can view in VantagePoint or send customers tables in Excel 7
  7. 7. Any Questions? Stop by our table, Schedule a WebEx demonstration, Ask about a trial, or visit 1.770.441.1457