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White T-shirts


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White T-shirts

  1. 1. White T-shirtsPrinting on White T-shirtsPrice List & Additional InfoThese T-shirts Have No Minimum Order on Gildan T-shirts. You Can Order ANY Quantity(including just one).At Tshirts Canada when it comes to printing your custom tshirts on white shirts there are noissues.White t-shirts are your most cost effective solution since the t-shirts themselves are lessexpensive at the wholesale level.Every style of t-shirt comes in white including men’s, ladies, youth, toddlers, girls, juvenile andinfants (for info on youth t-shirts click here)We can do full colour printing including artwork, graphics, text and photographs.These shirts can be printed with our quality t-shirt transfers or they can be screen printed. Theinformation on this page is refering to printing your t-shirts using t-shirt transfers however if youwould like more info on screen printing please go to this pageIf at anytime you have any questions about our tshirts or would like a price quote please clickhere 1/6
  2. 2. Here’s How the Printing & Pricing Works You can have your printing in other areas. as well. This is just a guideline.Examples of the Standard Printing LocationsIn the Price List Below…Logo/Small Graphic means printing on the left chest with no printing on the back of the t-shirtLarge Graphic means you can print large on the front of the t-shirt OR large on the back of thet-shirtLogo/Small Graphic & Large Graphic means a printing on the left chest and large on the backLarge Graphic & Large Graphic means large on the front and large on the back Pricing for T-shirt Printing on White (does not include screen printing) Updated for 2012 2/6
  3. 3. Printing Prices on White Gildan 2000 Series Tshirts – 2012Example 1:Lets say that you need 4 white t-shirts (3 large and 1 ladies medium) with your company logo onthe left chest and a large image on the back. You live in Calgary.Please refer to the price list just above.This would work out to:… $21.95 (for the 1st t-shirt + $37.50 (3 x $12.50) = $59.45 plus $13.50 shipping (Canada PostExpedited) = $72.95 plus GST = $76.50This works out to an average all inclusive cost of $19.15 per t-shirt.Example 2:Now let’s say that instead you decide to order 12 white t-shirts with your printing on the leftchest and large on the back. Again, shipping is to Calgary. You want 5 men’s large, 2, XL and 1-XXL, 2 ladies medium and 2 youth XS for your kids. Remember now you’ll look at the pricingfor 12 or more shirts. They would be $9.95 each for the regular sizes and $11.95 for the XXL(see below prices – they are an additional $2.00 each)This would work out to:… $109.45 (11 x $9.95) + $11.95 = $121.40 plus $17.50 for shipping = $138.90 plus GST =$145.85 3/6
  4. 4. This works out to an average all-inclusive cost of $12.15 per shirt.Most people generally order between 12 – 150. (For tshirt printing on any colour of t-shirtswhere white is required in the image please click here.The printing process for these custom tshirts uses quality t-shirt transfer paper and a colourlaser printer. The image is then pressed onto the t-shirt using an automated commercial heatpress. This process is similar to the store bought “iron on” transfers, however the difference isall of the ink is pressed evenly onto the shirt instead of just most of the ink.All of the materials that we use are the commercial grade which are generally not available tothe public at the retail level.There have been some new developments in t-shirt transfer papers.The new t-shirt transfer papers that we use have increase the durability and wash-ability of theshirt. If you wash the t-shirts according to the instructions you will get numerous washes withoutany significant fading. Now these instructions will help your shirts last better no matter who yourt-shirt printer is or was. Turn your t-shirt inside out. People frequently wash jeans and t-shirts together. When you turn the shirts inside out, the printing on the t-shirt doesn’t rub against the heavier fabric of the jeans or the zipper. Wash in cold water. Don’t use any bleach, bleach alternatives or fabric softener. Hang or lay your t-shirt flat to dry.There is also a new type of t-shirt transfer paper referred to as self weeding. With many t-shirtpapers you can see the coating that was on the transfer paper. This is the polymer that bondsthe ink on the transfer paper to the shirt. The manufactures of the transfer paper instructs thatthe unprinted areas of the artwork should be trimmed away to avoid these areas being printed.If you have ever seen t-shirts printed and you see an ugly grayish box around the image it isbecause the t-shirt printer didn’t bother with that step.We have an example of this on this post. Click to view and then scroll down the page to the greyimage that is titled Polymer Window.When we make your shirts we always take the time to trim away the areas of the transfer that isnot to be printed.This new self weeding paper eliminates this issue. Any areas that don’t have ink on the transferpaper doesn’t leave the polymer. Only the areas where there is ink bonds with the paper. Forexample if I was to print the number “O” the inside of the O would look and feel the same asthe area outside the O. All you have is the t-shirt itself with no coating. 4/6
  5. 5. There are a few of these papers on the market. Some work better than others. The one we useworks great. However it is designed to work for specific types of custom tshirts artwork.Advantages Full Colour Printing (except white ink) No Minimum Order — Any Quantity (1, 12, 40. 150 or more — order the exact the quantity you need) No setup costs or any additional charges for orders of 12 or more (except for tax and shipping) Very affordable pricing (see below) Every shirt is individually bagged and tagged with your logo, the t-shirt size, and washing instructions. Various colours to choose from (see below) Also see our custom printed t-shirts sizing chart These prices are based on all of the t-shirts having the same printing on each t-shirt however you also have the option of printing a name and number, or Bride, Mother of the Bride, Maid of Honour, etc. For pricing for these personalized t-shirts or team t-shirts please go to click on this linkLimitations: There is no white ink in this process. For example if you wanted to print the Canadian flag on a serene green t-shirt it would be red and serene green (the t-shirt colour) This process will absolutely not work on any dark t-shirts. If you would like dark please refer to any of the other processes. One other issue with printing onto light colour t-shirts with light ink colours, is that the ink is somewhat translucent. Printing light blue ink on yellow t-shirts can cause the colour to appear green (remember in school—blue and yellow make green)To find out information on tshirt printing on light colour shirts click hereFor more information on printing on mid colour shirts click on this linkTo find out about screen printing click this linkClick to return to the Tshirts Canada home page for more info on custom tshirts.If you have any questions or would like a price quote please send an email to 5/6
  6. 6. *ANY Quantity (including just one) Brian Hawthorn Brian Hawthorn operates Tshirts Canada which specializes in printing custom tshirts & baseball shirts. We ship all across Canada. Visit us at Tshirts Canada Google +1 6/6Powered by TCPDF (