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Havas pr emilie parker art connection

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Havas pr emilie parker art connection

  1. 1. Using Our Expertise to Help a Family Through a Crisis into Creating a Legacy
  2. 2. Background: Describe the product or service for which the CBI was developed. (50 words) − When we discovered on the day after the December 14, 2012, massacre in Newtown, Conn., that a former colleague is cousin to Alissa Parker, mother of slain 6-year-old Emilie, we offered our help pro bono
  3. 3. The Challenge: Describe the marketing/business challenge and the objectives. (100 words) − The Parkers were quickly overwhelmed by three groups: media wanting interviews, people wanting to help and hateful conspiracy theorists − As the crisis unfolded, our objectives were to relieve a heavy load from Alissa and Robbie as they focused on grieving; shield them from the dark side of being part of such a public story; and make sure we got the right messages to the right media outlets. Those goals are the same today, as we offer media relations support, assist the family during pop-up crises and help develop ideas for how the Parkers can turn the tragedy into Emilie’s legacy
  4. 4. The CBI Idea: Please describe the CBI and its execution. What was innovative in both the concept and the execution? (150 words) − The CBI was to take the evilness of the Internet trolls and “truthers” and counter it with the purity of a child’s creativity and art and to give the family something to rally around − We helped the Parker family incorporate by arranging donation of legal services and by handling the announcement of the charity, then PR’ing it over the course of several months, including at national and local events such as an Ogden, Utah, minor-league baseball game and an event at a Sikh temple, plus an appearance by Robbie on “Piers Morgan Tonight”
  5. 5. Did you use the CBI development tool in creating this CBI? (If yes, how did the process contribute to the development of the CBI?) − The Emilie Parker Art Connection was born from the creativity and love of a small child whose life was cut tragically short. We used the CBI process as a guide to ensure that Emilie’s kind spirit and character would show through every aspect of the organization − The CBI process helped us put rigor and discipline behind the emotional but very important task of establishing a meaningful tribute to Emilie Parker
  6. 6. PROSUMER The media, public, and friends and family of the Parkers clamor to find a way to help the family of one of the Newtown tragedy’s young victims BRAND RELEVANCE BRAND OPPORTUNITY Create a destination for the incredible generosity of people wanting to help the Parker family Create a meaningful legacy for Emilie Parker in the face of a horrible tragedy A YOUNG ARTIST’S FINAL MASTERPIECE OF LOVE BRAND Emilie Parker’s life was marked by creativity and joy that she expressed through her love of art CATEGORY BRAND ADVANTAGE Let Emilie’s light shine through the darkness of the Newtown tragedy by sharing her joys with others An unspeakable tragedy horrifies the nation and a small town and robs a family of their young child
  7. 7. Creative Expression − Insert creative across all relevant disciplines: TV, print, posters, DM, leaflets, digital, social media, etc. (An integration board is uploaded with our entry.)
  8. 8. Results: How did this CBI transform the brand? − Our opening and promoting of the social communications channels helped family and friends process the loss of Emilie. The Facebook page has 318,000 likes, and more than 1 million people saw the most popular post through sharing (it had more than 249,000 likes and 17,000 shares). The website has garnered 181,000 unique visitors and more than 855 comments − A CBS interview we placed in March opened a media floodgate—for 22.1 million media impressions and 1.8 billion Twitter impressions over one weekend—partly because the Parkers revealed their debate-changing meeting with the shooter’s father, which our agency arranged with the Lanza family representative at Edelman. We’ve garnered 65 million total impressions from the top half-dozen stories about the Parkers alone (CBS, plus “Piers Morgan,” a syndicated AP story, and local press in Utah and Connecticut) − Moving forward from this unspeakable tragedy, we continue in our pro bono efforts to help the family manage their social media presence and develop the Emilie Parker Fund into its next iteration of paying tribute to Emilie. In the end, making a difference for the Parkers and helping them move beyond the crisis to become advocates for school safety and other child-related initiatives was the best result we could have achieved
  9. 9. Results: Please provide results to show that this CBI facilitated profitable growth. − Our work with the Parkers is fortifying our reputation as an agency that can act quickly and effectively, especially using various social channels and influencers, in the face of great crisis and with causes that make a difference. In business terms, this case is about reputation. In personal terms, it is helping us to feel helpful. This kind of work highlights our ingenuity and collaborative nature while doing something good for people around us − The horrific killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were easily the largest worldwide media story of 2012, and gun violence and gun control continue to dominate discussions across the Internet, in large buildings in Washington, D.C., and in dining rooms across America and the world. Through the Parkers and our focus on turning a tragedy into an opportunity, we believe we are helping to set an example for how strategic open communication can lead to real change − As a footnote: This Newtown connection bonded us to Aaron Sherinian, who awarded Havas PR the United Nations Foundation business. Thus, the UNF, #GivingTuesday and Newtown are all linked
  10. 10. List all communications channels used in this campaign. How was this CBI integrated across media (online and offline) and across marketing disciplines? − Targeted pitching to media − Targeted media placements − Family-issued statements − Website (building and designing one version for crisis management, one for legacy building) − Facebook (promoting a page started by family friends) − Twitter − Public speaking engagements − Cause efforts
  11. 11. Do you have your client’s permission to present this work? If so, please attach written consent. The Parker family is in isolation this week and next because of the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. We will secure their permission at a later date
  12. 12. Please fill in the information below with regards to this CBI in particular: − Name of office: Havas PR North America − Client: The Parker Family − Brand: Emilie Parker Art Connection − Category: Other − The CBI: Using Our Expertise to Help a Family Through a Crisis into Creating a Legacy − First and last names and titles of each person/team member who contributed to the CBI: − Marian Salzman, CEO − JoMarie Fecci, Creative Director − Angie Argabrite, Senior Vice President, Editorial − Cindy Tanenbaum, Media Relations Specialist

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