Gender Reboot


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Exploring all things male and female in 2011.

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Gender Reboot

  1. 1. #GenderReboot Exploring All Things Male + Female in 2011
  2. 2. #Millennials+Gender In 2010, Euro RSCG produced a study on the state of gender and where men and women are netting out on today’s gender playing field, with a proprietary online survey by MicroDialogue.
  3. 3. #BreakItDown • 500 aged 18-25 + 100 aged 40-55 in each of five markets (n = 3,000) • Extensive secondary research • Contributions from Euro RSCG agencies in Europe and U.S.
  4. 4. #TheNewGender • Millennial daughters don’t understand their mothers’ feminism • Women at work post–Norma Rae • Sex goes SoMe • The rise of the dad • It’s a woman’s world—where do men fit in?
  5. 5. #GenderFood4Thought What’s affecting seismic shifts in gender NOW? • We are living in an age that is acutely digital. • Thanks to boomers and the sexual revolution, we are more open about sex and pleasure. • The baby boomers became parents who cosseted their children— boys and girls alike—and told them anything is possible.
  6. 6. #Stereotypes/Retyped For the Y Generation, the “wife in the kitchen, man in the office” ideal is foreign and archaic. Not only digital natives, today’s men and women are indigenous members of a gender-remapped society, where the old rules simply don’t apply.
  7. 7. #Stereotypes/Retyped • Jackie vs. Marilyn is obsolete: A recent book exploring said icons feels out of touch in the SoMe female world. • Women no longer roast chickens! In a February 2011 article in Aussie Daily Telegraph, it was noted that 82 percent of female boomers can roast a chicken like the dickens, while just 51 percent of women under 30 claim such a skill. (Source:
  8. 8. #Time4theNewNeutral Gender is being shaken, not stirred, these days as we continue to redefine what is going on with men and women…
  9. 9. #11.GENDER. TRENDS.4.2011
  10. 10. #Women=WorkplaceWarriors • Women R primary or co-breadwinner 4 two-thirds of families. • Between 1997 and 2007, number of women-owned businesses increased 44 percent, twice as fast as men-owned firms. • 40 years ago, women owned 5 percent of small businesses, now they own 30 percent. 1. (Source: Jobs and Economic Security for America’s Women, National Economic Council, October 2010)
  11. 11. 1. #Women=WorkplaceWarriors • Look 4 millennial women to say “Thanks, but no thanks” 2 the notion of “having it all”—i.e., “doing it all.” • The next gen of workplace superstars aren’t willing 2 sacrifice everything 4 a paycheck. • In “The Choice Effect,” penned by 3 young women, note term “choister”: women overwhelmed by options of career, marriage, children. • Options R empowering but also lead 2 burnout. But does all of this “take no prisoners” gender switch at work come with a price?
  12. 12. • You R between the ages of 20 and 40 • You R middle class + college-educated • You believe the world is your oyster • You R a job-hopper • You R a jet-setter • You shop around 4 Mr. Right You know you’re a choister if: 1. #Women=WorkplaceWarriors
  13. 13. What of the 50-plus set? What happens 2 women with empty nest syndrome these days? • Bureau of Labor Statistics: # of women 55-64 in workforce up 10 percent over the last decade. • Forecasts suggest rapid acceleration in rate as boomer women become empty nesters, says Disruptive Demographics. 1. #Women=WorkplaceWarriors
  14. 14. • Tech • Biggest tech gazillionaires R still men: Zuckerberg, Brin, Biz Stone. Time 4 women 2 get involved. • Tech is an industry that doesn’t require physical strength but mental athleticism. • Hollywood • The celluloid biz is surprisingly female-free: 86 percent of films had no female writers, 77 percent of film critics R male • Women show 5x more skin than men in G- to R-rated films. (HuffPost) #FieldsThatNeedSomeTestosterone 1. #Women=WorkplaceWarriors
  15. 15. • Davos • According 2 the Indian Express, only 16 percent of delegates at Davos R female. • World Economic Forum could use a feminine touch. • Wikipedia • New York Times article said Wiki entries R decidedly male; barely 13 percent of contributions R penned by women. • Express yourself, ladies. #FieldsThatNeedSomeTestosterone 1. #Women=WorkplaceWarriors
  16. 16. #Mentrepreneurs 2. • According 2 a Forbes article from 2009, 78 percent of the jobs lost in this recession have been lost by men. • The Atlantic called it a “mancession.” • We might be headed out of the worst of the economic news 4 the male gender, but there R still a lot of men w/o work…
  17. 17. Though men-centric sectors such as manufacturing are recovering, more men will strike out on their own—2 escape being chained to a desk and 2 take control of their future. 2. #Mentrepreneurs
  18. 18. #FieldsThatNeedSomeTestosterone • White House • New York Times says we need a man 2B named White House social director—it would be unprecedented. • Nursing • Only 5.8 percent of U.S. registered nurses R men. (US DOHHS) • Child Care • Agencies like U.K.’s My BIG Buddy R specializing in male nannies 2 tip scales 2 more masculine model. • Look 4 more men 2 become caretakers 4 the wee set. 2. #Mentrepreneurs
  19. 19. #MenVsWomen • Why don’t men help women w/those pesky overhead bags anymore? • (W/new rules in the friendly skies, our bags R more stuffed than ever, so what gives?) • If chivalry is dead, then women killed it. • Thanks 2 Beyoncé generation of strong, independent women + digital detachment, we can’t look forward 2 opened car door or seat on the bus. 3.
  20. 20. • As women surpass men as No. 1 breadwinners + have more boardroom chops, men R taking a DIY approach 2 chivalry—as in, there isn’t any. • Navy Seal–style workouts 4 both genders have men rethinking how physically strong women R. • Women have come a long way since “Adam’s Rib”—hip to an era where double standards R becoming level + neutrality rules. 3. #MenVSWomen
  21. 21. #WhatUpW/Marriage? 4. • More marriages R on the rocks + so is marriage itself, according 2 a new study by Pew Research Center. • A survey of 2,691 Americans in association w/Time mag found that nearly 4 in 10 Americans think marriage is becoming obsolete. • That’s an 11 percent spike since 1978, when Time asked the same question. (ABC News)
  22. 22. • The median age of first marriages are at highest point ever. For women: 26.1 years old; for men: 28.2. • For the first time in half a century, number of unmarried people age 25-34 outnumbers marrieds in same age range. (ABC News) 4. #WhatUpWithMarriage? According 2 U.S. Census Data, younger people R not putting a ring on it today, and if they R, they R doing it when older.
  23. 23. • On its home page: “Marriage comes and goes, but divorce is forever.” • As more women opt 4 single parenthood, look 4 more shakeups in this once hallowed institution. The Huffington Post added a divorce site in November, edited by Nora Ephron, famed author + screenwriter. 4. #WhatUpWithMarriage?
  24. 24. #GreyDivorce • In grey divorce, couples may acknowledge failure in the marriage department but R also looking 4 “Life, Part Two” + a fresh start. 5. Pandemic of divorce 4 couples over 50, aptly termed the “grey divorce”—think about Al and Tipper.
  25. 25. • 33 percent (the highest response) said keeping + maintaining a home was main source of conflict • 27 percent said partner lacked commitment • 23 percent cited debts • 14 percent said ”nagging” led 2 the divorce • 13 percent met someone else • 10 percent said they simply ran out of things 2 talk about • 12 percent of men said stepchildren prompted a breakup • 4 percent of women cited stepchildren as source of marital friction (Source: Key findings from 2010 U.K. Saga Research survey of 1,900 divorcees over age 50: 5. #GreyDivorce
  26. 26. #SexSocialStyle • 36 percent of people under age 35 admit 2 checking Facebook, texting or tweeting right after sex. • Guys are twice as likely as girls 2 engage in after-sex social networking. • iPhone users R 3x as likely to check Twitter or Facebook in the afterglow than BlackBerry users. • Social media has lessened time, money + effort of searching 4 partners and increased likely success rate. 6. How is social media affecting sex?
  27. 27. • Really want 2 display your prowess? Check in on • And speaking of checking in: Foursquare’s Avoidr plug-in allows you 2 label pesky exes so U can avoid going where they R. • From New York mag article on porn in digital age: “It was inevitable, once YouTube launched in 2005, that someone would start a porn equivalent…” • “Over two months in the summer of 2006, three…sites launched that would become major adult-only tubes: PornoTube, RedTube and YouPorn.” 6. #SexSocialStyle
  28. 28. #PrincessBacklash 7. Peggy Orenstein’s new book “Cinderella Ate My Daughter” is a critique of girls and “pink princess” culture.
  29. 29. • “Role models” like Disney princesses and princesses gone wrong like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato? • Maybe it’s time 4 marketers 2 rethink this inane brand of gender marketing. • Is it time 2 teach young girls how 2B powerful w/o a pink powder puff + tutu? 7. #PrincessBacklash In the past, being a princess was sold as empowering, now it feels limiting and too gender-exclusive.
  30. 30. #Arts+Crafts4ModernGirls With focus on all things digital, look 4 more women 2 lend modern twist 2 “traditional” female endeavors like knitting, needlepoint, sewing. 8. • Success of Etsy (2 million items sold in Nov. 2010, they say) as eBay of all things hand-tooled shows renewed interest in the homemade.
  31. 31. #TheUrbanWoodsman Is “On Walden Pond: The Movie” being cast? We can’t help but notice that men from Manhattan 2 Portland 2 Shoreditch R rocking beards, boots + flannel. 9.
  32. 32. In post-metrosexual world, men R getting in touch w/wild sides (“wild” meaning outdoorsy + pastoral). 9. #TheUrbanWoodsman • American outdoor outfitters like Woolrich R all the rage, w/spendy outposts at shops like Le Bon Marché in Paris. • Woodsmen wonders like butchering, woodworking + ice climbing R all the rage from Bed Stuy 2 Bucktown. • J. Crew, Timberland + CFDA winner Billy Reid R outfitting woodsy generation in clothes that feel more fly-fishing chic than urban warrior. • There is even a Tribeca company creating + selling axes.
  33. 33. • Was it Bear Grylls and his not-so-authentic survival show, or a revolt against too much eye balm + perfect haircuts, à la the metrosexual? • Needless 2 say, nothing wrong w/men knowing how 2 tie knots or start a fire. After all, survival skills R needed in this uncertain world. 9. #TheUrbanWoodsman How did all of this come 2B?
  34. 34. #RetailMeetsHetail 10. • We’re not just talking about Home Depot or Homebase. • Retailers of brick-and-mortar variety, plus online stores, R catering 2 a new breed of men who actually enjoy shopping. Behold the “hetail generation.”
  35. 35. • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Average guy spends about $1,800 a year eating out; women spend $1,145. • Men spend average $701 per year on A/V equipment while women spend $536. • Study by Hyperion and PayPal: Men R being converted 2 online shopping 50 percent faster than women. • Says AOL: During holiday season, men would spend $326 online while women would spend $284. Need proof? 10. #RetailMeetsHetail
  36. 36. • Belgium’s Supra-Quintessence Co.: online shop w/bespoke Americana vibe—think denim motorcycle wallets + vintage Rolexes. • American stalwart Gant has opened up shop at Yale, located in historic building 4 the Ivy crowd. • Jack Spade, at forefront of hetail experience, fosters culture of Spade fans who can’t get enough of high-end laptop bags + leather goods… • …in shops filled w/old postcards + fun vintage pieces. • is the de facto spot 4 cool men… • …from headphones 2 performance hoodies 2 groovy gadgets (best place 2 look 4 gifts 4 men, ladies; you’re welcome). Best spots 2 get your hetail therapy: 10. #RetailMeetsHetail
  37. 37. Note 4 wives + girlfriends: This does not mean your partners R ready 4 a weekly Saturday jaunt thru Harvey Nics—this is hetailing after all, and much progress needs 2B made. 10. #RetailMeetsHetail
  38. 38. #DaddyBloggers 11. • Digital dads R being heard as more men stay home—both as victims of the recession + as personal choice. • Make way for male bonding—parent-style. • Shitmydadsays, Justin Halpern’s Twitter feed featuring quotes by his dad, has 2 million+ followers. • Halpern is a media darling (first Twitter account to be turned into a show on U.S. network television).
  39. 39. • Discovering Dad: diet tips + marriage pointers for papas • Mocha Dad: a blog for African-American dads • Real Men Drive Minivans: humorous wink at fatherhood + family road trips 11. #DaddyBloggers Top daddy blogs
  40. 40. • Dad Blogs is a network of fathers that share info on parenting. • AtHomeDad is the digi encyclopedia 4 stay-at-home dads who want 2 connect w/others. • Recent Yahoo survey: 51 percent of dads do food shopping in the U.S. but feel advertising does not speak 2 them. Dads forming online communities 2 chat w/each other—R marketers listening? They should B… 11. #DaddyBloggers
  41. 41. 11. #DaddyBloggers Look 4 more influence + power from dads + daddy bloggers in 2011. As AtHomeDad says, “Men who change diapers change the world.”
  42. 42. #P.S.ILoveU? • Our survey found the No. 1 goal of today’s millennials is 2B happy + 2B in a happy relationship. • Finding love is high on the list of wants, B4 career. • This is not a gender war—it’s a leveling of the playing field + a reboot of traditional memes. With the gender gap closing, and men + women redefining who they R, is there common ground? The answer is yes + love conquers all.