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  1. 1. At the top of the hill is a lookout tower. Tower on the mountain Big Akhun Suite is a favorite
  2. 2. • Modern building marine station in Sochi appeared in 1955 by architect Alabian. Central building height of 71 meter spire topped by a
  3. 3. Sochi lighthouse, located on the shore at a height of 35 meters above sea level. Moreover, a lighthouse built in 1890.
  4. 4. • December 26, 2009 in Sochi opened Russia's largest oceanarium.
  5. 5. Species tower on Mount Battery - and tour a landmark on top of the hill battery in the Central District of Sochi.
  6. 6. In 1889 Ryazan nobleman bought land on the Black Sea coast, and in 1892 he founded her privately-owned park, which eventually turned into a magnificent wildlife