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Blue Devil LOR


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Blue Devil LOR

  1. 1. 1710 SAIC Drive | McLean, VA 22102 | 703.676.0000 | 24 September 2013 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FROM: Blue Devil Program Manager SUBJECT: Hassan S Bilal 1. I am pleased and proud to recommend Hassan S Bilal for a position in your organization. 2. As the leader of SAIC’s Blue Devil program for the last three years, I have seen an underfunded quick reaction demonstration program grow into one of the most valued and in-demand operational intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities supporting the southern and southwestern theater of USCENTCOM’s OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. This tremendous success, commended by the 3-Star Military Deputy, Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition) as “a resounding success that has been instrumental in the capture or elimination of over 1200 enemy combatants and has saved many lives,” would not have been possible without the outstanding contribution of Hassan S Bilal. 3. Hassan served my program in the role of Senior Sensor Technician. In this role, he had responsibility for helping to manage a team of airborne prime mission equipment specialists. Hassan and his teammates had to understand the environment and flying conditions in theater, the capabilities and limitations of the Blue Devil mission equipment (as they varied day to day), the unique nature of the mission tasking, and interface with pilots, aircraft mechanics, and ground station operators to ensure the end-to-end airborne system was functioning at its peak for every mission. During Hassan’s tenure, we achieved an over 99% success rate in achieving tasked takeoff times, on-station times, and mission support times, and we expanded the Blue Devil mission to provide historic new levels of support to new end users in this dynamic and dangerous theater of operations. 4. In addition to his unsurpassed expertise and leadership, the characteristics of Hassan Bilal’s approach that stood out for me are a true sense of urgency brought to the job every day, a willingness to lean forward and do anything to help the team, an integrity that was never in doubt, a professionalism that stood out with me, with co-workers, and with our customers, and a willingness to challenge the paradigm and look for ways to improve every day. This combination is rare in any individual, and the fact that we had a team full of individuals like this is a tribute to the respect and energy that Hassan and his peers brought to the project every day. They truly learned from each other and grew in that experience. I’m sure he will bring that same spirit, energy, commitment, and professionalism to your organization. 5. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. This is a high quality individual. He served me and my outstanding team extremely well, and I know Hassan Bilal will very likely have the same immediate and positive impact on your team. Michael L. Zywien, VP, SAIC Blue Devil Program Manager