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Management Information System

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  2. Introduction • Zong is a pan Pakistani mobile network operator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services, mobile banking to fixed telephony. • Paktel is the predecessor of Zong • On April 1, 2008 Paktel was rebranded to Zong 2
  3. • To lead the future innovatively through: - Customer Centricity - Boundary less Team - Organizational Agility 3
  4. “Become an indispensable digital life partner ” 4
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  6.  Hr & Payroll Management System  Data Storage  CRM  Billing System  Data Protection & Access 6
  7. Zong outsourced HR system to Chinese company TEAMSUN 7
  8. 8 •ZONG hired storage also from TEAMSUN •Product named by BIG STORAGE
  9. 9 Zong uses Veris CRM for the management of customer Veris provide: •Customer solutions •Mediation •Settlement
  10. •Customer Management •Order Capture •Customer Services •Customer Interaction Management 10
  11. 11 . •Leading operators in Asia •Pre-paid and post-paid subscribers to be served by a single telecom billing system •More than 30 million pre-paid subscribers are supported in real-time on a single system •The Veris billing system is supporting in six countries including Zong telecom •Zong billing system is accurate and have real-time efficiency
  12. 12 •Zong has contracted Symantec data protection Software Company •It is also cloud based software
  13. 13 •Data Loss Prevention •Encrypt Data •Identity Access •Digital Certificates •Managed PKI Service
  14. 14 Zong announced to contract with SAP for the ERP software Benefits •Analysis •Planning •Custom development and upgrades •Managed services
  15. 15 1. Delegation of authority 2. Lack of information 3.Power dissonance 4. Enhancement in recruitment sources
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