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Digestion system


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Digestion system

  1. 1. T h eD i g e s t i v e S y s t e m
  2. 2. D i g e s t i o nChanges food into a usable form.– Physical Digestion– Chemical Digestion
  3. 3. O r g a n s o f D i g e s t i o n The Alimentary CanalMouthEsophagusStomachSmall intestineLarge intestine
  4. 4. T h e E x c r e t o r y S y s t e m
  5. 5. E x c r e t i o nRemoves metabolic wastes from the body.–Filtration–Secretion–Reabsorption
  6. 6. O r g a n s o f E x c r e t i o n• Skin• Lungs• Kidneys – Cortex – Medulla – Renal Pelvis – Nephron – Glomerulus – Renal Tubule
  7. 7. D i g e s t i o n & E x c r e t i o n E n d
  8. 8. E n d W e e k 26