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Facility Management Companies         The real idea after the survival of facilities management is that businesses rely on...
Many national Facilities Management Companies will have a system to monitor andmanage projects from a central location, wh...
Ten reasons for outsourcing facility management services    1.  To concentrate on the core business.    2.  To minimize in...
        CBRE - Also known as CB Richard Ellis, one of the largest commercial real estate    and property / facilities man...
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Facility management companies


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Facility management companies

  1. 1. Facility Management Companies The real idea after the survival of facilities management is that businesses rely on awhole system of vital hold forces. From receptionists to the security staff, the business relieson a whole network of essential support services. Since facility management is multi-disciplinary, the jobs vary from project managers to cleaners. And since most of the servicesare not core to the business, many companies outsource such jobs. There are many companieswhich provide expert facilities. These mainly include building maintenance, cleaningfacilities, catering, administration and security. There are many advantages of outsourcing such tasks. It not only simplifies theprocess but also minimizes the time and money spent on it. Since time and money are veryimportant resources, one can use them in an existing business or invest in new ventures. The experience of the facilities management companies is also beneficial to the clientcompany. As these facility management companies have expertise in their field, they do workbetter than their clients. They have experience and learning which they use more effectivelyand efficiently. Most of the facilities management companies offer services tailored to the clientsrequirements. Since each organization has different needs, requirements, and demands, theservices they seek are different. It is necessary for the facilities management companies towork closely with the customers to understand their business needs. It is necessary for themto view the problem through the clients eyes. With the flexibility from customized services,facility management can cater to each and every organization as per their requirements. Facilities Management provides detailed information on Facilities Management,Facility Management Software, Facility Management Jobs, Facility Management Companiesand more. Facilities Management Companies that started life as property maintenancecontractors or contract cleaners for example, tend to have a better understanding of theprocess, the necessity of delivering timely, cost-efficient services at a quality level. The betterFacilities Management Companies usually have the experience enabling them to developsystems that ensure contracts and projects are managed step by step through the process. Look at the IT systems and operational processes employed by Facilities ManagementCompanies to ensure they facilitate the task of managing a large number of projects coveringa variety of trades and numerous sites. The better facilities management companies willoperate astutely to reduce travel, which improves efficiencies and can make sure thatdisruption is kept to a minimum.
  2. 2. Many national Facilities Management Companies will have a system to monitor andmanage projects from a central location, which gives visibility and greater control to all. The importance of regular communication is never underestimated by good FacilitiesManagement Companies, the lack of quality communication is a big issue with manyorganisations. The best Facilities Management Companies will, once they’re agreed, closely monitoryour budgets to ensure that, if you’re getting close, limits can be placed on projects until thenext budget period. More proactive Facilities Management Companies will also monitorwork being completed where the same repairs are being made regularly, due to vandalism forexample, and will recommend a different solution, not just keep repairing, reducing theimpact on budgets. Expert facilities management companies will often provide property maintenance tomulti-sites in the retail and commercial sectors. Help desk services are sometime used by facilities management companies to adviseclients by phone and prevent the necessity of a site visit. These facilities managementcompanies are focused on cost reduction, ongoing value for money and sustainable serviceexcellence. Often facilities management companies will view painting and decorating,refurbishments, shop and office refreshes and dilapidations as being minor works, howevergood facilities management companies take the view that they’re there to provide a servicefor all works. Facilities management companies sometimes take maintenance services for granted asthey’re performed out of sight. But well executed, planned and reactive maintenance servicesby good facilities management companies keep properties fit for purpose. This is the basic question everybody asks before thinking of a service provider. It shouldbe remembered that globalization has changed the rules of the game. It is important forcorporate to focus on their core competency and get the other work done through competentprofessional agencies. This would help corporate derive the benefits of higher profitabilitythrough better efficiency and productivity.
  3. 3. Ten reasons for outsourcing facility management services 1. To concentrate on the core business. 2. To minimize industry uncertainty. 3. To get high durability & performance of equipments. 4. To minimize the operating cost of the business. 5. To get best services within a fixed budget. 6. To promote an exceptional safety and hygienic work environment. 7. To experience state of the art services to maximize the efficiency of the business. 8. To entrust the job to experts for professional execution. 9. To experience a comprehensive approach to strategic facilities planning align with business objective. 10. To experience a single point responsibility system. Below is a list of 15 facility management companies, including the largest companies inthe industry as well as smaller companies that specialize in certain regions of the country orspecialize in certain types of facilities: ABM Industries - Offers commercial building maintenance, janitorial, security and related services to companies across the United States. ( Jones Lang LaSalle - This company that offers a range of corporate real estate, financing, and management services claims to be the “world’s largest facilities management company.” ( Johnson Controls Facilities Management - One of the largest facilities management companies, which “operates and manages more than one billion square feet of facilities around the world” and promises to “design, procure and deliver all the facilities services needed to keep a business running.” ( UGL Services - Provides facility management services as well as janitorial, landscaping and other services to all types of businesses nationwide. (www.ugl- Emcon - Provides a variety of facility management services including logistics, preventive maintenance and repair, cleaning, data and voice cabling, and more for environments including health care, retail, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, etc. ( Sodexo Facilities Management - Offers facilities management services for a variety of environments, from corporate to schools to military bases. (
  4. 4.  CBRE - Also known as CB Richard Ellis, one of the largest commercial real estate and property / facilities management firms. ( CH2M Hill IDC - Facility management company with operations across the United States as well as internationally. In addition to facilities management, the company offers engineering and project management services. ( TI Management Group - Property / facility management company doing business mainly in California’s Silicon Valley. ( Complete Facility Solutions - Wichita Kansas firm offers both building and property management services. ( Facilities Management Services - Brighton, Michigan company located between Detroit and Lansing offers “specific project management, routine maintenance and property management programs” to both commercial buildings and residential apartments & condos. ( Innovations In Management (IIM) - Facility management company offers services nationwide. Headquartered in Sherwood, Oregon. ( Wilson 5 Service Company - Provides “comprehensive Facility Operations Services for buildings that range in size from 10,000 square feet to 2,000,000 square feet. We offer diversified quality management services for all aspects of building management, including complete mechanical maintenance, HVAC maintenance and repair, and comprehensive janitorial services. ( Complete Facility Management Services - Illinois company offers complete facilities management services to clients mainly in the Midwest United States. ( My Facility Team - Offers facility management services in the San Francisco & San Jose area. (