Information Transfer - Section B


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Information Transfer - Section B

  1. 1. English Paper 2 Section B By Haslinda Midy
  2. 2. -Part BInformation Transfer@ Making a choice andgiving reasons (My way of teaching)
  3. 3. Some tips to remember1. Choose one option from the choices given.2. Use the information from the table to help to list out reasons for choice.3. List down points and reasons.4. Use variety of sentences; simple and compound or complex.5. Use adjectives and adverbs to make the description more interesting.6. Use linkers to give the description a smoother flow. (Besides, Therefore, Moreover etc.) However, use them appropriately and not for every sentence.
  4. 4. Writing the Introduction Start your paragraph with your option and give the reason why you choose that option. Examples: I would choose ……….. because I think it is the best. I would choose ……….. because it is the most suitable. I would choose ……….. because I like it very much. I would choose ……….. because my mother likes it very much. Your own reason will be better.
  5. 5. Price / Fee / Fare / Cost It is cheap and costs only RM20. It is the cheapest among  The price is low. the three (items).  The fee is not too The price is RM70. expensive. Furthermore, I Although it is expensive, it will get a RM10 discount if is affordable. I choose this and pay less. It is a reasonable fee and  It costs RM12 each and it I think I can afford it. is the cheapest of all. The price, which is RM50,  It is worth buying. is reasonable and  Its fee is the lowest of all. affordable.  Although its price is quite It is economical to choose costly, I will get an item for this package because the free. price is within my budget.
  6. 6. Occupation I like to be a teacher when I grow up because I can impart knowledge to pupils.  I choose to be a policeman I prefer to be a doctor when I because I can keep law and grow up because I can treat order. It is my responsibility to sick people and save lives. keep the town safe and I can contribute my service to peaceful. This job is challenging the poor people. although it is sometimes Being a pilot is interesting dangerous. because I get to travel around  This job is enjoyable and I get to the world. I can visit many meet many people. different countries all over the  This occupation is suitable for world. Besides, I can meet me. / It suits me. many kinds of people and learn  It is highly paid. / The salary is about their culture and high. traditions.  The qualification needed is a university degree.
  7. 7. Activities I prefer outdoor activities to  Reading can improve our general indoor activities because they knowledge, vocabulary and are more exciting, adventurous grammar. I can become more and challenging. knowledgeable. I can enjoy the fresh air while  Singing is entertaining and fun. It cycling around the is my favourite activity and I am neighbourhood. very talented in singing. Working indoor is more  Joining the Music Club gives the comfortable and I am protected chance to play musical from the sun and the rain. instruments and make new Swimming is a good form of friends. exercise because it strengthens  I get the chance to represent my the muscles of every part of the school in sports. I can keep up the body. It keeps me fit and good name of my school. I will be healthy. proud if I win the first prize in the Collecting stamps is interesting sports meet. and beneficial. We can gain a  Co-curricular activities help me to lot of knowledge about become an active, responsible countries all over the world. and disciplined person.
  8. 8. Houses / Homestay The double-storey house is quite near my school. It is  In addition, there is a small convenient to go to school garden near the house and we because I just have to walk with can grow many colourful my friends. flowering plants. The semi-detached bungalow  I am sure my father will like this is spacious. Therefore, it is house because the porch in front suitable for my big family. I am is big enough for parking two sure my family will feel cars. comfortable living in it.  I am sure my family will love this I prefer the house on the hill homestay because of the green overlooking the park because surroundings and the beautiful of the beautiful scenery and scenery. Besides, it is quiet and peaceful surroundings. peaceful. Living in a terraced house is  Staying at this homestay will be interesting because we can wonderful as my family likes have many friends. The friendly nature. They can go for jungle neighbours can help us too. trekking and take photographs of wild insects and unique plants.
  9. 9. Clothing / Shoes I would choose this sport shirt for my father because it is suitable for him. It is  The shoes are comfortable for comfortable to wear and he can my brother to wear. They are wear it when he goes for his made from good quality leather, sports activities. It makes him so they will last longer. looks stylish and sporty. Moreover, it is the most popular The long-sleeved shirt suits my brand nowadays and it is my father well as he will look smart brother’s favourite brand. He in it. Besides, he can wear it to can wear them to school or for important functions like an outing. meetings and business trips.  The sandals come in three The long skirt with flowered colour which are blue, black and pattern suits my mother and white. My sister likes black, so I she will look beautiful in it. can choose the black one for Besides, it is fashionable and her. Moreover, the sandals are attractive. My mother can wear made in Malaysia and my sister it when she attends a party with loves local products. her friends.
  10. 10. Fruits My family loves durian because it is creamy and delicious. It is Food / Drinks / Menu rich in carbohydrates and vitamin.  It is delicious and The orange contains Vitamin C which keeps us healthy. We appetizing. can either eat it fresh or make it into a drink. We can buy them  It is nutritious, tasty and from the market or appetizing. supermarket. I prefer local fruits because they are cheaper and fresher.  It is my favourite food / Eating fresh fruits is good for drinks. health. We will not fall sick if we eat fresh fruits everyday.  It is good for my health. The mangoes are rich in vitamins. It is good to eat then when they are fresh. Mango juice is a popular drink too.
  11. 11. Transport Pets It is comfortable / convenient.  It is cute. I can relax myself during the journey.  It is easy to look after. It is an economical way of  It is easy to take care. travelling.  It is easy to manage. It is suitable for a long journey.  It is easy to feed. It is fast and I won’t feel bored.  I can play with it. I can enjoy watching the beautiful scenery along the  It can be a great company to journey. me.  It can help to look after the house.
  12. 12. Pen Pal We can exchange ideas. We can share the same hobby / idea / interest. I can learn many new things Date / Time / Duration from her / him. I shall be able to know more  I am free at that time. about his / her country.  It takes a shorter / longer time I have a chance to visit him / to finish it. her country one day.  I would not feel bored.  The time is enough for me to spend it there.
  13. 13. ClosureDon’t forget to give closure foryour paragraph. Examples: Remember ! Be careful with :  I am sure I have made the best choice.  Your handwriting.  My choice is definitely right.  Your sentence structure.  I hope my father / mother /  Your spellings and brother / sister will like my punctuations. choice and appreciate it.
  14. 14. Which place would you suggest for your holiday?
  15. 15. Which place would you suggest for your holiday?I would choose to go to Terengganu because my uncle lives there. I want tomeet my cousins whom I have not seen since last year. My uncle’s house isby the sea and I want to enjoy the spectacular view of the seaside especiallywatching the sun sets. Moreover, I can also play with my cousins on thebeach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the seaside. Besides, I can collectsome seashells at the beach for my Science project and get more marks formy folio. I am looking forward for my forth coming holiday and I am sure I willenjoy my holiday this year.
  16. 16. Which place would you suggest for your holiday?I would choose to go to Pulau Pinang because I want to meet my aunty wholives there. She lives in an apartment in the city and it is easier for my familyto do our shopping. Moreover, I can play computer games with my cousinsand take the chance to challenge them. Besides, I will have the chance toswim in the pool and ask my aunty to teach me how to swim. I cannot waitfor my school holidays and I am looking forward for it. I am sure I have madea right decision for spending my holidays this year.
  17. 17. Which place would you suggest for your holiday?I would choose to go to Sarawak because I want to meet my grandparentswho live there. I miss them and I want to spend this holiday with them. Theylive in a wooden long house and I am sure I will have the chance to meetmany friends who live there. Moreover, the long house is near the river, sothis will be my chance to swim in the river. Besides, I can go for jungletrekking and learn some of the wild and natural habitats of the jungle. Inaddition, I can help my grandparents to collect fruits from the orchard andhelp them sell the fruits at the nearby market. I am looking forward for myholidays and I am sure I have made a right decision where to spend myholidays this year.
  18. 18. Which card would you choose for your mother?
  19. 19. Which activity would you choose to join?
  20. 20. Which hobby would you choose?
  21. 21. Which lesson would you choose to learn?
  22. 22. Which menu would you choose for your family?
  23. 23. “Use your 25 minutes wisely.” Good luck Everyone.