Collective nouns


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Collective nouns

  1. 1. Collective Nouns By Haslinda Midy SK St Mary Papar
  2. 2. What are Collective Nouns • Collective Nouns are words for groups of people, animals or things. For examples: a family a crew a team a club a community a committee a choir a company a band a gang an orchestra the government an audience the army
  3. 3. Collective Nouns • Collective nouns may be used with a singular verb or with a plural verb. If the group is acting as a single unit, use a singular verb. If group members are acting as individuals, use a plural verb. For example: – The crowd was orderly. – The crowd were clapping, yelling and cheering.
  4. 4. Collective Nouns • Here are more collective nouns you can use for groups of people. – a crowd of shoppers – a gang of thieves – a company of actors – a panel of judges – a class of schoolchildren – a platoon of soldiers
  5. 5. Collective Nouns • Many groups of animals have their own special collective nouns as follows:- a herd of cattle a pack of wolves a litter of puppies a flock of birds a pride of lions a troop of monkeys a drove of sheep a pod of dolphins a brood of chickens a gaggle of geese a school of fish a swarm of bees
  6. 6. Collective Nouns • Some groups of things also have their own special collective nouns. a bunch of bananas a deck of cards a cluster of grapes a flight of steps a bunch of flowers a suite of rooms a bouquet of flowers a suite of furniture a range of mountains a set of tools a fleet of ships a fleet of vehicles a grove of trees a string of beads
  7. 7. Collective Nouns • Some nouns name the amount or form of something. a loaf of bread a bar of soap a ball of string a bar of chocolate
  8. 8. Collective Nouns • The words a piece of mean a single serving or part of something. a slice/piece of bread a slice/piece of cheese a piece/square of chocolate a slice/piece of cake a sheet/piece of paper a piece of chalk a piece of information a piece of advice
  9. 9. Collective Nouns Games
  10. 10. One fish
  11. 11. A school of fish
  12. 12. One hippopotamus
  13. 13. A bloat of hippopotamus
  14. 14. One bee
  15. 15. A swarm of bees
  16. 16. One lion
  17. 17. A pride of lions
  18. 18. One chicken
  19. 19. A brood of chickens
  20. 20. One goose
  21. 21. A gaggle of geese
  22. 22. One elephant
  23. 23. A herd of elephants
  24. 24. Exercise Textbook Page 45
  25. 25. 2. I can see a flight of birds flying over my house. 3. There is a flock of birds perching on the branch of the mango tree. 4. There is a colony of rabbits in that big hole. 5. The nest of small rabbits are eating the carrots. 6. The herd of horses are grazing at the field. 7. The stable of horses are eating the dry hay.