WWI Table of Contents                                                         2009                        Worksheet       ...
Entangling Alliances Dilemma                                         Assign #2Dave, a strong, athletic fourteen-year-old, ...
WW1 1914-1918                                                                      Assign #3                              ...
WWI ALLIANCES                                         Assign #3                                                           ...
Assign #4                                                                     Assignment # 4                       FRONT  ...
Assign #4                                                             BACK        p. 355 -357Stage                 Detaile...
Assignment # 5                         World War I                       5 New Weapons of War p.360-361                   ...
Assign # 5 Backside
6                                      War Affects the World                                              Assignment #    ...
Assignment # 7                                                      A Flawed Peace                               Chapter 1...
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  1. 1. WWI Table of Contents 2009 Worksheet Request Student Donation Name & # of copies• TOC 1• Entangled Alliances 2• WWI Map & Alliances 3• Powderkeg & Dominoes 4• New Weapons 5 6• War Affects the World 7• Flawed Peace 8• Killing Fields: Video Notes *• Propaganda 9• Vocabulary / Study Guide 10* Handout given in class. This is class work. It will NOT be online. Be sure to be in class!
  2. 2. Entangling Alliances Dilemma Assign #2Dave, a strong, athletic fourteen-year-old, is in his second year at Smithfield Junior High. Ever since he movedinto the district last year, his physical abilities on the football field and his daring and sometimes rude personalityhave rubbed many other students the wrong way. He has steadily alienated himself from teammates, Brian andBob, with his aggressive style both on and off the field. Other students who are not athletes, Bill and Ben, havealso had problems with Dave in the cafeteria and the halls. Ben, Bill, Brian, and Bob, rarely seen together beforeeighth grade, have started hanging out together, using their growing dislike of Dave as their common bond.Dave’s macho character has attracted some followers who are pleased to share in Dave’s status as a “dude notto mess with.” Doug and Dwight are the two guys most often seen in the company of Dave. These two, whowouldn’t make any class member’s popularity list, revel in the attention they get from being part of “Dave’sgroup.”As football season ends, Brian’s and Bob’s disdain of Dave is at an all-time high when Brian discovers Dave hasa billy-club device in his football locker. Braced for future trouble, each begins packing brass knuckles.Meanwhile, Dwight has heard about the brass knuckles being carried by Brian and Bob, and he has informedDave. Dave starts carrying a switchblade knife strapped to his ankle under his pant leg. One afternoon on theway home from school, Ben and Dwight (who have hated each other since a cafeteria incident in fifth grade) getinto a shouting match during which Dwight lets it “slip” that Dave is armed with a knife, and that Ben better layoff. Shortly afterward, Ben lets Brian, Bob, and Bill know about the knife that Dave is concealing. Bill, a very loyaland faithful follower, secretly decides to begin toting a hidden handgun.The very next day at recess, Dwight is hit by a rock on the playground by an unknown assailant. Dwight swearsto the principal that it had to be Ben, but no proof is offered to implicate Ben. Dave tells Dwight later thatafternoon not to worry, everything is going to be set right. Dave tells Dwight to follow him after school. Questions To Consider 1-67.What do you predict is going to happen next? Why?8.What separated the groups of boys in the first place?9.What caused the build up in weapons?10.What would be the consequences of such a fight?11.How could such a confrontation (fight) be avoided?
  3. 3. WW1 1914-1918 Assign #3 FRONT H F 7 D 8 4 E 1 C 2 6 G B 5 9 A 31) 6) A) F)2) 7) B) G)3) 8) C) H)4) 9) D)5) Countries E) Cities
  4. 4. WWI ALLIANCES Assign #3 BACK Allied (Entente) Powers Central PowersA) A)B) B) In 1917, quits fighting war andC) has a civil war & revolution C) D) Switches sides after 10 months D)E) In 1917, ends its neutrality and wages war against Germany
  5. 5. Assign #4 Assignment # 4 FRONT Chapter 11 Section 1 p. 352 - 354 T– WHA - WHY – W HAT Y- WH T– WHA - WHY2 For each cause, list 2 specific, historical examples of it in Europe. A B C 3 For each cause, tell how it will make war in Europe more likely to happen than without it. A B C
  6. 6. Assign #4 BACK p. 355 -357Stage Detailed Description of each Event1234567
  7. 7. Assignment # 5 World War I 5 New Weapons of War p.360-361 FrontWeapon Invented By Description How did it change War
  8. 8. Assign # 5 Backside
  9. 9. 6 War Affects the World Assignment # Chapter 11 Sec. 2 & 3Feb. Gallipoli Campaign Begins 1.What was the purpose of the Gallipoli Campaign?1915 (p. 362)Jan. 1917 Germany announces a policy of unrestricted submarine 2.Why did the United States enter the war? (p. 368) warfareFeb. British intercept the1917 Zimmerman note 3.Why did the czar’s government collapse? (p. 367-368)April United States enters war1917Nov. Lenin seizes power in Russia 4.What were the terms of this treaty? (p. 368)1917March Germany and Russia sign1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 5.What was the significance of this battle? (p. 369) .July 1918 Allies and Germans fight Second Battle of the Marne 6.What events signaled the final defeat of the Central Powers?Nov. World War 1 ends. (p. 369)1918 Vocab words related to this subject matter. Define or explain on Vocab Assignment, not here.* unrestricted submarine warfare 29) total war *rationing 33) propaganda 45) armistice
  10. 10. Assignment # 7 A Flawed Peace Chapter 11 Section 4Wilson’s goal of achieving a just peace differed objectives of France and Great Britain.1. What were the guidingprinciples of Wilson’s FourteenPoints? (p. 369)2. What were the concerns andaims of France and Britain? (p.372)After heated debate and compromise, the Treaty of Versailles is signed.3. In what ways did the treatypunish Germany? (p. 372)4. How did the treaty changethe world map? (p. 372)5. How was Wilson’s FourteenthPoints incorporated into the treaty?(p.372)The legacy of Versailles was one of bitterness and loss.6. Why did the United Statesreject the treaty? (p. 374)7. How did this rejection affectthe League of Nations? (p. 374)8. Why did many countries feel bitterand cheated as a result of the treaty?(p.373)1. Woodrow Wilson 2. Georges Clemenceau 3. David Lloyd George Define these terms on Vocab List.4. self-determination 5. League Of Nations 6. mandate NOT HERE!!!!!