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Slides designed to accompany "How Beer Works" reading, available elsewhere on SlideShare

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  1. 1. Licensed under Beer  These four slides are meant to accompany the reading, How Beer Works, also available under a Creative Commons license on SlideShare. They can be brought onscreen as you see fit while the students are reading the text. Perhaps you can add some additional slides--see below.  These slides are covered by a Creative Commons license, the terms of which are explained in English here and in German here.  You are free to share (copy, distribute, and transmit) these slides and adapt them, under the following conditions:  You must attribute the work by placing Harvey Utech’s name with appropriate text (e.g. based on the original by Harvey Utech) on either the first or last slide of your presentation. You must also leave the logo for the Creative Commons license on each slide.  This presentation may not be used for commercial purposes.  If you alter, transform or build upon this presentation, you may distribute the resulting presentation only under the same or similar license to this one.  Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get Harvey Utech’s permission (  I do not present these slides as representing the last word on this subject. I know they can be improved and I welcome any and all attempts to do so. If you do make modifications, please post the revised slides on SlideShare and let me know via a message on LinkedIn so that I can incorporate your changes, with attribution of course, into this presentation. Thank you.  When you are ready to use these slides, simply delete this cover slide.  Thank you for using this presentation and helping me improve it. Beer 1
  2. 2. LicensedMill Grain under How Beer Works Barley Hops Beer 2
  3. 3. Licensed under How Beer Works Mash-lauter-tun A boiling wort Brew Kettle Beer 3
  4. 4. Bottle Rinsing Licensed under How Beer Works Hot and cold water Fermentation Tanks storage tanks Beer 4
  5. 5. Label Printing Licensed under How Beer Works Bottle Capping Bottle Filling Beer 5