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Personal branding


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Write a value proposition statement for
your self...

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Personal branding

  1. 1. Your Personal Branding Scott Jacobs, CEO – Harvest Consulting© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  2. 2. Your Personal Branding 1st Question Why is Jacobs speaking tonight on?© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  3. 3. Your Personal BrandingPossible Reasons to Believe Approximately 30 years experience & success in Sales, Mgmt, Branding, and Marketing Started 3 small businesses, and have worked in large and small Currently own 2 small businesses, serving small business clients© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  4. 4. Your Personal BrandingPossible Reasons to Believe Professional affiliations Board of Directors – Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Assn Raised nearly $60,000 in 3 yr period vs. $8,900 in previous 6 years Board of Directors – Beech Acres Parenting Center© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  5. 5. Some Clients I Have Served© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  6. 6. Some Clients I Have Served© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  7. 7. Your Personal Branding Objectives • Developing a personal brand/value proposition statement • Using the value proposition statement to communicate your value and possibly modify your elevator speech© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  8. 8. Your Personal Branding What does the word ‘brand’ mean to you? How do you define the word brand?© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  9. 9. Your Personal Branding Definition: brand The promise to the consumer© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  10. 10. (Positioning Exercise) Easy to Use computer, for the cool crowd Performance for driving enthusiasts Softness (tissue paper) Authentic, Real, Original Guaranteed next day delivery Wholesome family entertainment Improving the quality of life Strength (think household product) Accepted everywhere Safety on the road For the youthful, hip generation (drink) Pure, clean, natural soap Nutritious, low-fat, low-calorie food© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  11. 11. (Positioning Exercise) Easy to Use computer, for the cool crowd© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  12. 12. (Positioning Exercise) Performance for driving enthusiasts© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  13. 13. (Positioning Exercise) Softness© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  14. 14. (Positioning Exercise) Authentic, Real, Original© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  15. 15. What’s in a Name?Question: What is the second most recognized word on the planet?…© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  16. 16. What’s In a Name?Answer:© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  17. 17. (Positioning Exercise) Guaranteed next day delivery© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  18. 18. (Positioning Exercise) Wholesome family entertainment© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  19. 19. (Positioning Exercise) Improves the quality of life© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  20. 20. (Positioning Exercise) Strength (think household product)© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  21. 21. (Positioning Exercise) Accepted everywhere© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  22. 22. (Positioning Exercise) Safety on the road© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  23. 23. (Positioning Exercise) For the youthful, hip generation (drink)© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  24. 24. (Positioning Exercise) Pure, clean, natural soap© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  25. 25. (Positioning Exercise) Nutritious, low-fat, low-calorie food© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  26. 26. Positioning StatementSometimes called a “brand character” statement  Try to build in human qualities to help communicate who and what your brand representsThis soap brand is a heroic ally that provides absolute protection for thefamily from undesirable/harmful forces (germs)© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  27. 27. Personal Value Proposition Statement Definition: Clear and specific statement about the tangible benefits of what you offer to a new employer.© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  28. 28. Developing a Value Proposition StatementThe statement should answer these questions: "Why should I hire a financial executive?” as well as "Why should I hire you?"© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  29. 29. Developing a Value Proposition StatementFor                    (target employer)Who                  (statement of the need or opportunity)Our Product     (product/service category)That                   (statement of benefit)Unlike                (primary competitive alternative)Our product      (statement of primary differentiation)© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  30. 30. Developing a Value Proposition StatementExampleMiller Lite isFor                         beer drinkers (target customer)Who                       want to cut calories but maintain the taste (statement of the need or opportunity)Miller Lite              is a light beer (product/service category)That                       tastes great (statement of benefit)Unlike                    Budweiser Light (primary competitive alternative)Miller Lite              has the same number of calories with a far better taste (statement of primary differentiation)© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  31. 31. Developing a Value Proposition StatementHow to use it!Tagline:Miller Lite is the great tasting, less filling beer…Tastes great! Less Filling!© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  32. 32. Developing a Value Proposition Statement How to use it! (Case History)© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  33. 33. Developing a Value Proposition StatementHere’s Another Example…Flaming Medusa Studios delivers animation, illustration,concept art, storyboarding, character design, and brandingfor art and animation buyers who want distinct personality,impactful imagery, and experienced animation productions.Unlike large studios that are mired in bureaucracy, managed by highly paid producers who have unreasonable expectations, make uneducated decisions, and focus on the short term, Flaming Medusa offers the accessibility, adaptability, efficiency, and flexibility found only in a smaller company.Utilizing outside the box creative solutions combined with state-of-the-art animation techniques (stop motion, traditional, developing technologies and processes), Flaming Medusa creates meaningful mythology and promises to make every one of our clients productions legendary.© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  34. 34. Developing a Value Proposition Statement About Flaming Medusa Studios At Flaming Medusa Studios, we believe that mythology is important for any business or production. The development of a mythology creates a face, personality, roots, and reputation for your audience to identify with and fall in love with. It is the magical process that takes the glimmer of an idea and gives it form, makes it solid, makes it real and tangible. It is only through form that we are able to affect and impress others.© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  35. 35. Developing a Value Proposition Statement We create legends© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  36. 36. Your Personal Branding Step 1 - Conduct some marketing research Purpose Find out what others say about you Query past people you worked closely with: • What did they like most about working with you? • What are your 2-3 qualities that stand out most for them?© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  37. 37. Your Personal Branding Step 2 – Consider assessment testing Purpose Use tools to better understand yourself, strengths, etc. • PMAI (Pearson Marr Archetype Indicator) - The Jester, The Sage, The Ruler • StrengthsFinder - Adaptability, Positivity, Input, Futuristic, Maximizer© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  38. 38. Harvest Consulting Value Proposition Statement Harvest Consulting provides expert strategic marketing consulting services for companies that have revenue between $5mm and $25mm, that need to increase sales and market share. Using a blend of primary and secondary marketing research, trend analysis, and competitive intelligence, we form the foundation for creating or refining a sustainable competitive advantage and differentiated corporate identity and brand position. Unlike advertising agencies or big box consulting firms, Harvest Consulting stays on board and personally implements the strategies.© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC
  39. 39. Your Personal Branding• Contact Information513.271.5630 (office)513.373.6972 (cell)scott@harvestconsultingllc.comLinkedInTwitter –© 2010 Harvest Consulting LLC