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Founder and Coach: Haruka Ito( 伊藤晴香 )
Wushu Taolu International Coach
Origin & Nationality: Japanese
HONG KONG Int. Wushu ...
Haruka Wushu Culture Institute was founded in 2014
with an intention to propagate the Chinese traditional
culture and prom...
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Wushu Youth Class Brochure of Haruka Wushu Culture Institute


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Wushu Youth Class brochure of Haruka Wushu Culture Institute(HWCI).

The headquarters of HWCI is in Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.

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Wushu Youth Class Brochure of Haruka Wushu Culture Institute

  1. 1. Founder and Coach: Haruka Ito( 伊藤晴香 ) Wushu Taolu International Coach Origin & Nationality: Japanese HONG KONG Int. Wushu Fes. 7 GOLD (2005-2009) 2 SILVER (2007,08) QUALIFICATION [JAPAN] 2nd Grade Certified Judge 1st class of Tai Chi Proficiency Measurement Class (B) Certified Instructor 1st Class of Changquan Proficiency Measurement Certified Instructor of Spreading Tai Chi [HONGKONG] Hong Kong Int. Wushu Festival -Taolu Judge [INDIA] Karnataka State Championship -Head Judge of Taolu International Coach, Karnataka Wushu Association All JAPAN Tournament 3 GOLD (2002) All JAPAN Championships 1 GOLD (2001) 2 SILVER (2001-02) 1 BRONZE (2001) OSAKA Pref. Championships 5 GOLD (1997-2004) 2 SILVER (1996&2005) 3 BRONZE (2002-2004) Phone: +917760643305 Haruka Wushu Culture Institute Wushu Youth Class Haruka Wushu Culture Institute Contact: Haruka Ito Phone: +917760643305 E-mail: Website: #3-22-1950/5, Alvares Compound, Alvares Road, Kadri Mangalore 575002 INDIA Place: Lions Seva Mandir 2nd Floor Next Mallikatte Market Kudumal Ranga Rao Road, Mallikatte, Kadri Mangalore Wushu Youth Class SUNDAY AM9:00Sharp-AM10:30 Rs500/month Phone: +917760643305 Haruka Wushu Culture Institute Tai Chi Class/Wushu Youth Class Phone: +917760643305 IWUF(International Wushu Federation) members are 150 countries as of December, 2013. Wushu is the GLOBAL sport. Age group at Indian Championship Junior: Age 15-18 Sub-Junior: Age 6-14 Senior: Above age 19- Age group at IWUF International Championship Senior: Above age 19- Junior Group A: Age 16-18 Junior Group B: Age 13-15 Junior Group C: Age 6-12 Haruka Wushu Culture Institute provide India's highest level coaching of Competitive Wushu Taolu. for competition
  2. 2. Haruka Wushu Culture Institute was founded in 2014 with an intention to propagate the Chinese traditional culture and promote Chinese Martial Arts so as to uplift the youth and invigorate the elderly, making them more involved in various activities. The institute offers training in Wushu and Taichi in various neighbourhoods to students of all ages, whether they are elite competitive athletes, beginners, or elderly participants looking to enjoy a recreational activity and improve their overall health... Contemporary Wushu is an exciting, fast paced martial art derived from traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Taichi is slower internal martial art tracing its origin back to Toaist Monks of the 12th century. Both practices offer many health benefits, such as increase strength & flexibility, better balance and agility, as well as improve the functions of the internal organs. Wushu & Taichi also contribute to a person's character development, i m p r o v e m e n t o f c o n f i d e n c e , s e l f e s t e e m & perseverance.. What Is Wushu? Wushu (more popularly known as "kung fu") is the form of Chinese martial arts popularized in the movies by action star Jet Li and can be seen in such movies as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Wushu is the chinese term for martial art. Wushu forms (or Taolu in Chinese) are essentially routines of traditional fighting techniques done with weapons or barehand. It is more like a performance or display of martial arts prowess rather than one to one combat. Wushu is an important component of the cultural heritage of China, with a rich content that has remained untarnished over the centuries. Literally translated, “wu” is military, “shu” is art. Wushu therefore means the art of fighting, or martial arts. Haruka Wushu Culture Institute provide India's highest level teaching of Wushu Taolu( 套路 ; forms). Taolu involve martial art patterns and maneuvers for which competitors are judged and given points according has a large number of types, there are more than 300 types events. The training at Haruka Wushu Culture Institute is based on Taolu(Demonstration Perforamance Routine) only. The training basics for Youth classes are based on Changquan basics. Changquan (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: 長拳 ; pinyin: Changquan; literally "Long Fist") refers to a family of external (as opposed to internal) martial arts (kung fu) styles from northern China. Long Fist uses large, extended, circular movements to improve overall body mobility in the muscles, tendons, and joints. Advanced Long Fist techniques include qin na joint-locking techniques and shuai jiao throws and takedowns. There is a Wushu(Taolu) club in an excellent university that is well known in the country in Japan and the United States etc. Because Wushu Taolu is an intelligent beautiful art sport. Ex: Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University (USA), Melbourne University(Australia), Waseda University, International Christian University(Japan) etc. Wushu Benefits for Children: Develops self-confidence Practice strong discipline to finish tasks Have respect for self and others Making good moral decisions Encourages Mental acuity/focus Haruka Wushu Culture Institute Wushu Promotes: Motor learning, development, and control. Fitness components: (not limited to the following) Power Strength Speed Flexibility Agility Balance Cardiovascular endurance Athletic skill/abilities that can be used in other sports. The Taolu event of Competitive Wushu is a beautiful art sport in all over the world. Haruka Wushu Culture Institute provide India's the highest level coaching of Wushu Taolu as the Competitive sport events. *Technical rules & complimentary regulations at HWCI compliant the rules & regulations of IWUF (International Wushu Federation), WFA(Wushu Federation of Asia) and CWA(Chinese Wushu Association), i.e. HWCI compliant the Official International Rules & Regulations. for competition Wushu Youth Class