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  1. 1. Youve heard it before, in order to be considered for an interview your cover letter has to stand outfrom the others, let alone employment on a cruise ship. If there are two cover letters side by side that were in the same way qualified, how will the recruitment team choose from them?resume builder online
  2. 2. To gain an advantage on the other applicants, theres a simple trickthat will increase your chances of getting hired though there are lotsof ways to create your cover letter How well do you know the cruiseline that you are applying to? You must do your homework! Themission statement of the cruise line you are applying to may evenhelp you get hired if you know it well It is expected from the staff onboard by each cruise line that they will exhibit excellence in guestservice which eventually leads to passengers booking repeat cruises In your cover letter, incorporating specific keywords from eachcruise companys mission statement will give you an addedadvantage
  3. 3. Most are guest service promises of what they offer their passengersis what the cruise line mission statement contains, like a companyobjective For example, Cunards trademark is "Impeccable CunardWhite Star Service " Holland America Lines mission statement is,"Through excellence we create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, everytime " To demonstrate a cruise job seekers commitment to aparticular cruise line, they should add these types of statements intotheir covering letters
  4. 4. Moreover, with every cruise company that you apply to, keep inmind to change your cover letter Another tip is to add your photo toyour application When it comes to attaching a photo on your cruiseline rapplication, do these words work in your favor? A picture isworth a thousand words A lot of North American recruiters of jobsbased on land advise against attaching a photo
  5. 5. They predict that it can really work against the job seekers wheninserting a photo, which can lead to discrimination Then again, foryears, the inclusion of a photo with an application has been usual inEurope So what should a cruise applicant do, include or notinclude? Even though many of the cruise lines have their headoffices based in the USA, the practice of including a photo with yourresume is actually encouraged Specifically, you need to include aphoto as specified by the online applications of the major cruise linesfor cruise ship jobs for instance cruise staff, youth staff and otherentertainment positions
  6. 6. Cruise applicants should bear in mind that their application shouldbe promoting their skills and experience and so they should not losefocus of this The image is just giving you an added advantage in anparticularly-competitive industry A professional representation ofyourself, personalizing your application is what your picture shouldbe Employers arent critiquing your looks, rather they want to see aconfident smile
  7. 7. Suitable outfit is a must; resume builder online it should besomething you would consider wearing to an interview The one thatshows you "in action" at work would be an alternate picture
  8. 8. resume builder online