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  1. 1. There are folks who are brand new to the net business, so I decided to spend a small amount of my time and write a simple guide on how to you can start a blog , which works miracles for brand new members whenever they think they are ready. This is a simple guide to help you them.this
  2. 2. Registering your Domain Your domain plays key role in SEO and isthe first task in blogging SEO is Search engine ranking Whenregistering a url, there are few stuff you have to consider -Theshorter your domain, the better -Your domain must contain yourmain keyword(s) -I highly recommend a com or a good netbecause of WEBSITE POSITIONING -Make the domain easy toremember A domain prefer howtomakemoneyonline com is toolong, even though it is right to the situation, onlinemoney com is amuch better domain, or net generally if the com isnt available Ifyou might make a site and you intend to rank your domain surelycountries, like if you are going to make a site designed for UK, thenyou would consider obtaining a UK domain extension (#( co uk),and should you be Indian and will be writing in Indian terminology,then an Indian area extension (#( in) would work the best Thismeans if your main domain extension is corp uk, then you mightpossibly be targeting Google co uk, since you want people from UKahead to you, and you would probably rank for Google co
  3. 3. uk If your site goes for worldwide, then com and net is thepreferred But of course if you fail to afford $9-$10 then you mighteither have to anticipate a $1 com token from Godaddy, or you mustbuy a info (that is definitely from $0 9-$2 5, with regards to theregistrars) If you might have $0, I would recommend you to go withhttp: //Blogger com due to the fact its owned by Google com, and isextremely straightforward to setup, and Google will assist to it rank(though not alone of course) Heres some of the list of the topdomain registrars http: //NameCheap com http: //Godaddy comhttp: //1and1 com http: //Name com http: //Register com The pricesare different for different domain extensions Searching for aWeb-Host Web hosting is simply where you host your blog, in betterwords, where you retain the sites files That is needed for a internetsite Dont get frightened simply because I said files, you dontrequire any skills to develop a site, you dont have to know how tocode or design 99% of a hosts have Fantastico, this is the tool whichis youll get when you buy tons
  4. 4. Fantastico makes life better, There are many programs which youcan install with 1 simply click using Fantastico, you will just need toenter the basic details (site title, information, email, username,password or anything else) Well I recommend that you installWordpress (under "Blogs" in Fantastico) Wordpress has extremelygood plugins, and they have grown easy to install, and surely canassist in SEO and other stuff (depending on what plugins you makeuse of) And another reason to utilise Wordpress is becauseWordpress has lots and lots of themes, any kind of theme youll beable to think of, even company themes Here is did you know thePaid Web Hosts: http: //Hostgator com http: //Fatcow com http://BlueHost com http: //JustHost com http: //HostMonster com http://WebHostingPad com Directory Free Web Hosts (I might suggestpaid) http: //biz ht http: //100webspace com http: //byethost comhttp: //biz nf http: //freehostia com http: //awardspace com I haventused any of the free hosts above, so if something happens to yoursite, it is your individual responsibility I am lost if free hosts getfantastico, but if they will dont, its very easy to install wordpressWordpress Ive already mentioned the ideas about Wordpress, nowcar installed it etc, here i will discuss good plugins to work withGoogle Analyticor Redirection XML Sitemaps All In ONE SEO SexyBookmarks Tweet This Top Commentators Widget Contact Form7Akismet SEO Friendly Images WP SuperCache WP Auto TaggerBroken Link Checker Pro WP-DB Manager Permalink RedirectRelated Posts Now it comes to the themes part, choosing a themefor Wordpress Here are did you know the sites that have Cost-freePremium themes(not all of them though) and cost-free themes http://wordpressthemesbase com http: //wordpress
  5. 5. org/extend/themes http: //freewordpressthemes com http://wptemplates org http: //freewpthemes web http: //wpskins orghttp: //wpcorner com http: //skinpress com Some themes dontmean you can add a logo, you can just enter the site title and itsgoing to be shown as text, but some themes need you to add a logo,but dont worry, there are plenty of free tools to produce logos (onlineresources), and you can make your own if you are good atphotoshop, or if you can afford, then just get a designer from BHW,and again, there are a lot of good designers here Subject matterWhen it relates to content, there is an exceptionally popular quote,"Content is normally King" Google, and every other search enginesite DELIGHTS IN unique content, by unique My business is sayingthat it cannot be found anywhere else, you can actually write uniquecontent, if you happen to cant, then you can employ a contentspinner (there are lots of free ones, but you have got to do smallchanges going without running shoes since none are fantastic) It isextremely straightforward to add articles on a persons Wordpressblog, I am sure you currently know by now You may well ask, howmany words a article does Google love the foremost, people saydifferent stuff, but I prefer 300-500 statement articles If you are ableto afford to hire an article writer, then sure go ahead of time, anarticle writer premiums about 1 cent per word, and there are a lot ofgood writers here on BHW, go to the Buy/Sell Service section andyou ought to find plenty But if you fail to afford, and you may not begood at all on paper articles, then you can use non-unique content,just copying from another site based on your niche, and then pastingit on the site There is some sort of plugin for Wordpress labeled aswp-o-matic, its really simple to use, it will take content with the sitesyou want, but sometimes youve got small issues, so you might wantto add the article(lenses) yourself SEO (Seo) Every search engine
  6. 6. loves certain backlinks, Google will like backlink type A a lot morethan backlink type B, but Yahoo will like Backlink type B greater thanbacklink type A, but all google have something in standard, they alllike inbound links, but just some are more powerful than others Soany backlink you can acquire is worth it There are lots of tools thatcan allow you to receive backlinks, and they accomplish save timeBefore building any backlinks, you essential info your keyword, whichare going to be your anchor text The keyword ought to be located inthe title/domain Anchor text is actually text/keyword that is clickable,like example when you attend Google com, on the top you will note"Images" "News" etc, those are anchor texts, clickable words/text,that will direct you to one other page Here are discovering backlinks Blog Commenting - Web site Commenting on High Google pagerank (PR) blogs are powerful, I used to undertake them a lot beforeplus the results were impressing
  7. 7. Youll find high pr blogs very easily, just google "how to obtain highpr blogs" and there are tons of ways, you can also hire someone touse scrapebox to be able to find high pr blogs There are also high prwebsites, meaning the post itself carries a high pr, that is tougher,but you might notice there are many spammy comments, but still itmay need you few seconds for the backlink There is somethingcalled "Scrapebox" that scrapes articles or content, on any niche(deciding the keywords etc) and yes it will scrape it for your needs,and you fill within the details (ie anchorman text, url etc) and it alsowill comment on all of them, but watch out around akismet, but Iprefer manual blog commenting Forum Profiles - Well you knowwhats a forum I guess? You are on a forum now Simply find manyexcessive PR forums, register in it, and in your trademark just enter
  8. 8. your spine text Most of the days or forums it is normally this format -Passcode: [URL=http: //mysite com]Keyword[/Url] There is a toolcalled XRumer, its an extremely powerful program, but if your website is new, you must not use it, it creates a massive quantity of offorum profiles and puts your anchor around signature, but it isnormally expensive Link Exchange - This is best suited if your sitecarries a page rank, then you request link exchange on DP or WFwhile using same niche, and probably with the same PUBLICREALTIONS He will put ones anchor text on his/her online site, andyou put his/her your site Web Directories - There are tens ofthousands of web-directories for you to submit a web site to, andthey can approve it They can provide featured listing but dont headthat, just go for any free listing which 99% with the directories offer,these arent since strong as high PUBLICITY backlinks, but they arenevertheless worth it, as We said, every backlink will probably beworth it Press Release - Enter into your esophagus done when acompletely new site is launched, or that youre launching somethingon your websites, or there is a meeting etc, then you simply write ablog post (google "how to jot down a press release"), and be able toyou will submit it eventually press release sites, you will need fewdays to approve your blog post Buying Links - You can pay otherwebsite owners to put your anchor on your site, the prices vary withregards to the page rank of their site, and of course target websitesabout the same niche as you Guest Blogging - This one is one ofthe most popular It is simply offering other blog owners for thereason that same niche of your blog, offering them a absolutely freearticle with 2-3 anchor texts in the article, this is indeed valued at itBuying Blog Posts - Its also possible to buy blog posts, sometimesthey are willing to write an article for you and publish it on the blog,and sometimes you will want to write an article and they will publish iton their particular site, and again, prices vary on the page rank of theweb page Article Directories - Composing unique articles yourselfor hiring a page writer, and then submitting this to high PR articledirectories, it will take week to approve Yahoo Answers -Additionally hire people for this also, but a bit hard to find AnswersYahoo com, register an account and look at the category on yourniche market, and answer peoples doubts, but first 25 solutions,
  9. 9. dont put anything in the "source" box, and after that afterwards, formost for the answers put your hyperlink in the "source" pack, butmake sure a answer actually answers this persons question, it couldeasily get chosen as best solution, and Yahoo Answers ranks wellfor questions, plus your answer will be shown first if it was eventuallychosen as Best Answer through the questioner Social Media -Social media marketing like Twitter, Facebook, Get, etc, submit yourweb pages there There are many social media sites like digg, andyou must create an account on these, and then submit your blog
  10. 10. Web 2 0 Profiles - Creating profiles on Web 2 0 0 sites is ratherpowerful indeed, like Squidoo and next writing an article and linkingback in your site, and at the same time Blogger (Free site, yes!) andwriting an article linking back to your blog, and video sites just likeYoutube, Metacafe etc It is possible to always hire from BHW, a tonof services Monetization Monetizing your website so its possible tomake money Here are few ways you can make money from yourinternet-site Google Adsense - Google and yahoo Adsense, toregister business relationship your site must be at the very least 6months old, they gives you a code and you will don it your site, and abanner will surface, or text link (you choose), and then in case yourvisitor goes to your blog and clicks on this, you will get capital, howmuch, it will depend on the niche and keyword phrases There areother communities like Google Adsense, but Google Adsense is agood Content Lockers - So that a person to access a website onyour website (this works if only the page has something helpful for
  11. 11. the visitor), just put a content locker, and the person will need to do asurvey to be able to access the page There is sites that offer which,you can google "CPA Sites" and you will get a list Selling BannerSpace - But if the site gets lots associated with visitors, you can sellbanner space on your website Selling Text Backlinks - Selling textlinks onto your Page Rank blog (successful if your blog incorporatesa page rank! Else you dont have to do this) The price you will offerfor links upon your site depends on the page rank your website isAffiliate Marketing - Clickbank is a website and youll discover manystuff to offer for sale, and you will acquire a percentage for eachsales Usually each affiliate offer you will definitely get banners toadvertise the application with, with different sizes to help you to put iton your website Donations - This barely works now, it willeventually only work if your websites really really had usefulinformation hence the person will donate for your paypal Tools withregard to Backlinking Xrumer - Instrument for creating forum stylesScrapebox - Product for blog commenting along with pingingSeNuke - Various uses, Web 2 0 single members, article directorysubmitter, accessories Others: Market Samurai Sick Submitter RssSubmitter SEO Pressor Tweet Attacks AMR Magic SubmitterTracking a persons Sites this Traffic Google com/analytics is thebest tool which happens to be free to track the quantity of visitorsyour site gets, from where, and from where keyword from searchmachines, it is the best, and most website owners make use ofThere is a plugin called "Google Analyticor" for Wordpress which willenable you to put the Google Analytics code simply, I really dopropose it (I already listed it inside the plugin list above) This is thesimplest guide which you will ever have to know how to start somesort of blog
  12. 12. this