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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. The phenomenon of discreet affairs taking place amongst married couples has never been as high as it is in society today.Whatever may the reason be for husbands and wives to stray away from marriage vows, the very fact that the employment landscape in the world today comprises a large percentage of women in addition to men has made it easy for partners to be found right in the work place and amongst peers in related industries, suppliers and customers. While this is a boon to women from the stand point of career growth andindependence, it has also led somewhat tothe ease in which married men and women end up finding partners to carry on affairs outside their marriage.go to website
  2. 2. All cheating spouses though have an inherent need to carry on withoutgetting caught; for once caught, the consequences end up go to websitebeing quite heavy with emotional and financial stresses taking overalmost immediately And yet, many cheating spouses carry on their socalled discreet conversations right from within their office cubicles notrealizing that their fellow coworkers can very easily listen in on thescoops
  3. 3. Cheap office cubicles do not provide any level of noise reduction, noiseabatement and voice privacy
  4. 4. While they are inexpensive to purchase and install and provide aninstant office space that can be moved and re-organized without toomuch effort, the acoustic characteristics of office cubicles leave a lot to bewanted
  5. 5. Thus carrying on private conversations, especially those that deal withextra marital affairs, should be avoided at all costs
  6. 6. Not only can your colleagues overhear everything, they may also bemotivated to start talking amongst themselves, thereby reducing yourprofessional image at the workplace
  7. 7. Additionally, they may threaten you with potentially spilling the beans toyour spouse and that can end up becoming a nasty situation
  8. 8. So what then are the options to communicate with your secret lover fromyour cheap office cubicle? The only two choices are text messaging withyour cell phone or sending e-mails or instant messaging
  9. 9. These will provide privacy from nosy neighbors in nearby cubicles butyou will need to take other precautions to ensure that your cell phone andcomputer records do not fall easily into the hands of your spouse
  10. 10. go to website