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  1. 1. Learning how to use Linux commands is key to understanding how to administer a Linux system.unix hosting
  2. 2. Here are 3 popular Linux commands you can use to get help withusing Linux When you are new Linux and need help with your Linuxtraining, you can use these Linux commands to get help with usingLinux Learning how to use Linux commands is key tounderstanding how to administer a Linux system When you are newto the Linux OS (operating system) and need help with your Linuxtraining, you can use these Linux commands to get help with usingLinux (in general) and also get help on how to use a Linux command
  3. 3. 3 Popular Linux Commands You Can Use to Get Help with UsingLinux 1 The Linux Help Command There are Linux commands thatare called builtin (one word) commands, such as the cd (changedirectory) and echo commands The help command is used to gethelp on builtin commands Linux Help Command Example ]#help cd The output of the above command shows help on runningthe Linux cd command
  4. 4. Linux Tips: The ]# in the above example is the Linux commandline prompt, that appears when you are at a Linux console (alsocalled a Linux terminal) You dont need to type in the ]#characters, just type in the command at the right! 2 The Linux InfoCommand The Linux info command is used to display help "infopages" on a Linux command or on a Linux concept Linux InfoCommand Example ]# info grep The Linux command aboveshows info (help) on running the Linux grep command
  5. 5. One of the best parts of using the info command is that some of theinfo pages show examples of using a Linux command Linux Tips:Examples of Linux commands provide an excellent way to learn aunix hosting command The Linux man pages (describe below) andlots of other free Linux documentation rarely shows a Linuxcommand example 3
  6. 6. The Linux Man Command The Linux man command is used todisplay Linux man pages These "pages" provide help on a Linuxconcept, such as booting a Linux system, or on a Linux command,such as the find command Linux Man Command Example ]#man find This command shows the man page(s) for the Linux findcommand Linux Tips: The Linux man pages are quite cryptic anddifficult to understand for someone new to Linux
  7. 7. Try using the Linux info command first and also look to see if youcan find an example of how to use the Linux command Using the--help Option of a Linux Command to Get Help with Using LinuxSeveral Linux commands have a --help option that shows adescription of the command and its options To use the --help option,just type in the name of the command followed by --help, as shownbelow Linux --help Option Example ]# mkdir --help The --helpoption is used to show help on the Linux mkdir command
  8. 8. All of the above Linux commands and options can be difficult tounderstand for someone new to Linux One way to get easy Linuxtraining is to get a popular Linux book (or Linux ebook) or to watchLinux video tutorials A Linux video tutorial can really help you withLinux training by hearing and watching a Linux concept beingdescribed or seeing how a Linux command is run in a step-by-stepmanner Article Tags:
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