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  1. 1. Furniture is considered to be a part of decorative art. Interior design of a building looks pleasant if the furniture is awesome. Furniture also serves a religious and symbolic purpose. Furniture can be made of any material including metal, plastic, and wood. As the passion for interior decoration hasincreased, modern furniture has come into existence from the 19th century. Traditional elements were stripped out with the arrival of modern furniture.american made furniture
  2. 2. Wood is the primary commodity used in designing furniture The wood givesthe furniture a classic appearance and also offers craftsmanship with modernconvenience In general a modern living room includes furniture like chairs,sofas, cabinets, beds, stools and racks The revolution in furniture design hasreplaced wood with new materials like steel and molded ply wood
  3. 3. Modern furniture is generally vibrant and colorful with sophisticatedappearance They are gorgeous and magnificent and give an extra outlook tothe rooms where they are present They get people's attention easily andwin admiration from them People have become fascinated towardsmodernization and wish to make their living place a paradise
  4. 4. The desire for modern homes has increased throughout the world and thedesigners have taken advantage of it There are american made furnituremany stores that are now designing modern furniture The three dimensionalfurniture is the out come of it Such furniture has architectural and rich look
  5. 5. To meet the rapidly changing interior design demands, the companies havestarted designing modern and contemporary furniture Modern furniture fromvarious companies serves as a feast to architects, designers, tradeprofessionals and the discerning customers Modern furniture also meets thehome décor tastes of the people Some modern furniture is built fromnatural materials like rattan and wicker
  6. 6. Modern furniture may not be compatible with the shape or color of the roomTherefore modern furniture of basic colors like white, black and silver shouldbe purchased The designs of the modern funiture are creative, comfortable,and sometimes funky Most of the designs are marvelous and stylish
  7. 7. There are excellent master pieces which offer comfort and pleasure to allAlso they have an aesthetic and articulating appearance Modern furnituremakes the room decorative but it also needs careful selection
  8. 8. Comfort, style and suitability are to be considered before purchasing Modernfurniture is generally sleek with clear lines and there is plenty of glass andplastic Also the modern furniture gives an industrial feel and it is light weighted
  9. 9. The contemporary furniture on the other hand creates a homier feelemphasizing size, shape and color Though the craze for modern furniture hasbecome very common, the contemporary furniture has imparted their influencein the designing industry and Modern furniture is made of exquisite design andfunctionality to offer Zen feeling to your home
  10. 10. american made furniture